Damier alma for men*

  1. *not really!

    Just wanted to tell you guys a cute story about my hubby. Yesterday he took me to Dallas Galleria to buy me a new lv. I needed something small and something to wear crossbody so we decided on the mono pouchette with the long monogram strap. Well, I was so excited to have a new lv that I wanted to carry it immediately. We had sat down for lunch in the mall when I decided this so the bag my SA gave me was pretty small and didn't fit the damier alma I had brought with me. My husband actually volunteered to carry my alma all through the mall! You would not believe how many people looked him over. I was laughing the entire time. So, if you were at Dallas Galleria Sunday afternoon and you saw a man carrying a damier alma, that was my brave and gutsy husband. Gotta love him.:love:
  2. congrats on your pochette and what a great hubby!:yahoo:
    when i ask BF to hold my bag for one minute, he does this -two fingered hold while lurching forward as if the bag has cooties-pose--it's hysterical, and i hate to tell him he looks more ridiculous this way then if he proudly walked through the mall like your hubby did.
  3. That's hilarious!
  4. That's LOVE!!
  5. I have a similar story involving me and my gf. Haha... so this was in NYC, this was the day the Miroir Speedy launched, so she took her silver Speedy and made me go to Barney's with her to do more shopping. She had some... problems to take care of so she made me carry it. So I stood around looking at random stuff and you could not believe how many people stopped me to look at it. People wanted to touch it, feel it, it was really scary as it wasn't my bag and I did not pay for it and if something happened I am sure she would choose the Speedy over me! :p :graucho: Also I was really pretty embarassed cause people were like, wow, as a guy you have balls to carry that and I got tired of explaning it wasn't mine.

    Of course, after 30 minutes I realize she passed by the shoe department on the way to the restroom... luckily I figured that out on my own. Haha...
  6. That's love :love: ..congrats on your pochette..

    My DH won't carry my bag LV or not lol..my ex BF didn't mind at all, infact he carried my bag more than I did lol