Damier Alma difficult to get in and out of?

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  1. I love the look of the damier alma and was wondering if anyone finds it difficult to get in and out of because of its stiffness
  2. I have the MC Alma nad never noticed a problem. The zippers zip down really far and there are gussets on each side too so it expands more.
  3. No, I haven't found the Damier Alma to be difficult to get in/out of, most of the time I keep the zippers half way down the side for ease of quick access and the ability to put a lot more into it. I haven't found it to be stiff at all.
  4. i dun own a that. maybe other forumers might help.
  5. Thanks for your opinions.
  6. It's absolutely wonderful and not hard at all to get into. It opens very wide and you can easily see everything in your bag at one glance, which I love. While I really love my speedies, they can be a black hole sometimes and I'm constantly reaching around in the "dark hole" looking for things. The Damier Alma is wonderful in that respect. Opens up very wide, gusseted sides, and so easy to get in and out and see things. I absolutely adore my Damier Alma!
  7. I move both zippers to one side so I only use one to get in and out

    It's a classic AND classy bag!
  8. i was actually looking into getting the damier alma or the damier speedy 30. thanks for the opinions, i think i'll go for the alma.
  9. great choice - you'll love it :smile:
  10. i think an alma in damier is a piece of heaven on earth. you must get one!
  11. The Alma has a VERY wide opening and it's probably easier to get in/out of than the Speedy!!
  12. I just bought a damier alma and absolutely love it!!!! It is easier for me to get into than a speedy 30.... I leave the zippers half way down on either side.... but even zipped up, it's easy to unzip and get into. And, you can see everything inside!!! I love it!!!! And, I love the damier.... so stunning.... and no worries about the leather!!!
  13. I'm not sure if you are referring to getting in and out of it while holding it on your arm, but if so, then yes, it is a bit harder to get in and out of than the speedy is. I can easily unzip my speedy with my arm through the handles. The Alma is a bit trickier. A little more maneuvering of it. Even so, I don't consider it a problem and never really thought about it until now. I just happen to have my Alma sitting next to me, and I tried it, so I see how it can be more difficult. Otherwise, it opens great. Nice and wide opening, like others already mentioned.
  14. Does this also apply to the Epi Leather Alma? I'm going to take a look at it this summer if they're still available, does anyone know if the opening of the Epi Alma is as "difficult" as the Damier? Please help.
  15. yes, it is more difficult to get in and out of both the epi and damier almas. you need to set them down to open them, so i do what a lot of other TPFers have done and left the zippers halfway open.

    regardless, the damier and epi almas are STUNNING and BEAUTIFUL bags. and not as common as the speedies.