Damier accessory choice?

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  1. OK, I was debating between the Damier Papillon 26 and 30 and then the Epi 25. Thanks for everyone who gave me suggestions and recommendations.

    I "think" I've decided to wait for the damier speedy as my first LV bag.

    Until then, I'd love to get a small damier accessory. Any recommendations on a damier piece to start my collection? I'm inpatient and can't wait until the summer....:amuse:

    Thanks for any recs.
  2. How about a damier cles ? It's small and cute.

    If you're also in the market for a wallet, I would highly recommend the damier koala as well !
  3. How about a Damier accessory pouch? I have this and use as an evening pochette as well.

  4. Thanks Ayla. I'm checking it out on Elux right now.
  5. I'm sorry if this question has been asked before but what are you able to fit in it? It's cute.
  6. I have a little mini pochette in damier that I got on ebay for $60 lol

    I never really liked the damier print but it was so cheap, and now its really growing on me and I love it.

    It holds a lot, I can fit my powder compact, small hairbrush, lipstick, lipgloss, hair bands, etc inside w/space to spare.
  7. Speedysteph, is the mini pochette on eluxury? Do you have a pic?
  8. get a key clefs (cles)...they are so cute. i just got one to hold me over since i haven't gotten the koala yet :cry: .

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  9. Oh I can fit my cell phone, a little moneyclip wallet thing, lipgloss, keys, powder. It's not a bad size. It's $265 on elux.
  10. Thanks for the pic. Yes, it is very cute. I can't wait until you get your koala. Will it in the near future?
  11. Thanks!! That's very helpful.
  12. I second the cles idea. =) it's cute!
  13. well, i don't know if i'm still going to get it yet...

    i really want a damier speedy or a chanel tote (like Cristina's), even though i've been DESPERATE :blink: for the koala.

    but to be honest, there are really other things that i want to do with the money...
  14. Yes, I definitely agree w/ the Koala wallet....good choice for Damier accessory.
  15. I've decided to get the damier cles! I'm ordering one today. Thanks for everyone's recommendations and answers to my many questions.