Damier Accessories Pochette!

  1. Hello! ^^;

    I plan on getting a Damier Accessories Pochette within the next couple of weeks.. I fell inlove with it online and have yet to see it online.. but I plan on getting one!!

    I was wondering how long the straps are on this ^^;

    Would it be recommended to get an extender if I plan on using it as a shoulder bag?

    Also.. on the part of the bag where the strap is actually connected to the bag.. is it possible for the loose-end strap of the bag to connect onto the part of the bag where the strap is connected to make a little handle?
    Something like the wristlets from coach.. where it makes a little loop-handle. ^^;
    i.e. http://www.coach.com/assets/product_images/colord2/6F08_SKHMA_d2.jpg

    Or would it look awkward if I did that to the pochette? ^^;

    Thank you for looking here! ^^;
  2. Yes, you can convert the LV pochette to a wristlet very easily by simply using the clip end of the strap and placing on the same ring as the opposite end of the strap, so you would have a loop handle as you call it! If I recall correctly, Eluxury has it listed under something different than pochette. I will check it out for you.
  3. Thank you so much! ^^;