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  1. Does the Damier speedy 25 have the heat size stamp??? i can't locate it on mine.
  2. Do you mean the date code? It is located on the leather tab under the pocket - flip the pocket up and it should be there.
  3. i found the date code. :smile: but i saw that under the logo trademark that some have a heat stamp of the size also. ex: i saw a speedy 30... and it had a 30 heat stamped on the back of the logo trademark stamp...
  4. My damier speedy 25 has also got that heat stamp. It's underneath the trademark stamp (the one without the hole for the lock)
  5. The 25 should be underneath the trademark heat stamp tab
  6. I have the 25 underneathe the tab but i dont see the date code on the leather tab underneat the pocket. But i know it's real b/c i got it yesterday form the lv botigue yesterday. Could they have sold me a fake one? I'm so worried.
  7. If you bought it directly from LV, the date code should be there.

    Check again on the leather tabs inside the bag - two on one side, two under the pocket.

    The date code will be colorless.
  8. Oh thanks...i found it now. It's was under the inner pockets. Thanks again!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.