Damier 25 Speedy on Eluxury.com! Hurry!

  1. As of Monday 9/18 at 11:01pm (I'm in Las Vegas, NV) I was on Elux and saw they have the Damier 25 Speedy in stock. Hurry! I know someone of you were waiting to take advantage of the free shipping :yes:
  2. Ooo:huh:oo soo tempting!
  3. doh. just checked..out of stock already!!!!
  4. :devil: The Devil mad me do it... or be good and resist the temptation :angel:

    Either way, it's all good. ;) . I personally took the dive and loving i! :yahoo:

  5. WoW!!! Really? That bag is a hot ticket!
  6. Damier Speedy 25 and 30 are available on elux again. I just placed an order.
  7. They are both out of stock again........... Just keep looking. It appears that their inventory changes throughout the day.
  8. They are available again. They must have been in someone's cart. I think elux will hold inventory for a short period of time to allow people who put something in there cart to check out safely, but if they don't buy it after a short period, it goes back into inventory.
  9. I scooped one up today :yahoo: