Damien Rice

  1. His number Album "9" just came out today!!! I just bought it on Itunes, incredible, but who expected less! :smile:
  2. Well actually.. I heard it last week on the internet, I haven't given it a proper run-through, and I'm sure once I do give it a good listen I'll like it...BUT at the moment, I hate it!!! lol
    And I just knew that he couldn't top his last album because it was absolute perfection! This sounds much more mainstream, and some of it sounds like Dave Matthhews:Push: (which is never good IMO) that song 'dogs' or whatever it's called is particularily cheesy..I don't know. Like i said, it needs a few more listens because this often happens with new albums from artists I love. In the end I always like it.
  3. wow! i can't wait to hear the new album.
    i love them :heart:
  4. Well a few of the songs on it, I heard in concert and flipped. I think everything he does is good!
  5. i got the advanced copy of the album and it's great. i was watching the jay leno show the other night and they sounded incredible.:yes:
  6. I am not familiar with this artist but do like to expand my horizons. I'll have to take a listen. That is one of the reasons I like tPF. You get exposed to a lot of things that you may not otherwise.

    But that can be dangerous for the bank account :sweatdrop: :shame:
  7. The best song I think he does is "Blowers Daughter" i freaking love that song!
  8. ^Yes! They are all good from O. I love Lonelily from the b-sides.
  9. Yep love it all. I have been listening to 9 all night. Love it. Me my Yolk and I is particularly my favorite so far. Saw him sing that live and was BLOWN away, very powerful song.
  10. I've been waiting impatiently for 9. I love Damien Rice. I have 'O' and 'B-Sides'. My favorite song of his is 'Cannonball.'
  11. Oh i just love his voice!!!!! Can't wait to hear some of the new tunes :jammin:
  12. on a similar note, anyone else enjoy elliot smith too? i think they're both awesome.
  13. I love that song too. It has good and bad memories for me...but such a great song.
  14. Damien Rice is amazing.

    end of story.

    hahaaa, yes, I'm picking up the album this week!
    did anyone get John Mayer's new album?! omg. I cannot stop listening to that kid - his voice just speaks to me.
  15. God yeh i'm such a fan of Damien Rice - I can't wait to get his new album. I only have one extended CD single from John Mayer where he does a version of a Hendrix song " The wind cries Mary" but it is incredible - love it!
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