Damien Hirst's $98 million Skull!

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  1. God i love skulls too! what would you do with it though, just look at it?
  2. the world is better place because of that? did he actually say that??

    oh my.......
  3. Gosh, that's awfully pretty, I guess it'd just be for decoration, can't really think of any other use for it.
  4. You could do a really blinged out production of Hamlet: "Alas, poor Yorrick . . . . "
  5. Unbelievable! I'm glad that they were all made of conflict free diamonds..
  6. It's a beautiful trinket but I think Damien Hirst is taking himself far too seriously.....hmm, what would I use it for? A doorstop?? :lol: Don't think I could hang it from a bag...could I.........:graucho:
  7. What would possess someone to cover a skull with diamonds?
  8. He's an artist know for pickling sheep and cow's......