Damiar Azur Priscilla?

  1. today i saw a girl holding a damiar azur PRISCILLA, i have a MC white one and i thought they only made it in MC.

    the DA one she was holding looked really real but i've never heard of it, anyone have it? or was it fake?
  2. fake
  3. Totally fake --- but pretty good idea to have it in Azur. Some counterfeiters sure get creative. lol
  4. i guess it's a fake, if it looks like a priscilla, maybe it was an azur sporty bag IDK?
  5. yeah it look REALLY nice though, i'm sure it was a priscilla though. if it was real, i'd def get another in DA
  6. I want to sent a petition in for Damier Azur BH. :drool:
  7. Definitely fake.
  8. Sounds fake to me too. :yucky:
  9. Eww!:yucky: Totally fake! haha
  10. Fake!!!