Damiani D Icon bracelets - What are your thoughts?

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  1. Hi ladies! I've found these bracelets in 2013-14 Damiani Jewelry and Watch Collection catalogue. I have never been a Damiani fan. Actually, these D Icon bracelets are the first Damiani pieces that have drawn my attention.

    Do you like it? :smile: I may want D Icon bracelet or JUC or VCA's vintage alhambra one-motif pendant in diamond.:sweatdrop:

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  2. These are gorgeous bangles!
  3. I think they are cool, but, personally, I would get bored looking at them after awhile. To me, they are not special enough for me to want to wear them on a regular basis.

    I would get the single motif in all diamonds.

  4. Thanks Stacey and AntiqueShopper for your input!:hugs:

    Yes, perhaps. These are gorgeours, but just another designer bangle. In that sense, Love Bracelets are such great pieces!!! So unique, very simple. Never get tired of looking at it. But, they are now too pricey, aren't they? 4-diamond Loves would cost around $12,000 after price increase. These Damiani bracelets don't cost that much, but...I am not sure if they look good with my other bracelets... I should go to the boutique to try them on.

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