Damask Question

  1. Hello ladies,

    I recently saw a women carrying what looked like a Damask City. However, it wasn't black and white it was grey and black. And the stripes seemed a bit finer (not as "blocky" as on the black/white Damask). Was this bag even made or was it a fake? I just got a short glimpse of it but the bales definitely weren't square. I wish I would have taken a picture, but that would have been just a tad too weird...:p
    I couldn't really judge the leather either, seeing as most of the bag was fabric. I really liked the color combination and would go on a hunt for this bag (if it's real) so I thought I'd ask the experts!!

    Any thoughts?
  2. No such animal, to my knowledge.

    The Damask Black & White stripe was more of a Black & Cream with the thicker stripes and the flower pattern in the fabric.

    The funny thing is, when that bag was in the stores it was NOT SELLING. So all the retailers put it on sale!!! After it still wouldnt sell it was pushed out to Overstock and Bluefly and other third tier selles.

    Somehow it turned into an icon and now they go for over retail on eBay :rolleyes: