Damask City on the Bay!

  1. There's a Damask City on the bay for anyone who's interested! (: not mine btw.
  2. Ooooooh so beautiful!
    I know a lot of girls are looking for this, good luck everyone! So who's bidding?
  3. There is someone on here that has been dying for one of those - her whole signature line is about wanting one - I'll try checking some threads to see if I can find her, and pm her.
  4. Ooh, someone grab it!!!
  5. I remember seeing her signature too, but I cannot remember exactly who, hope she gets ot!
  6. It's lizthebaglady - but she's looking for a work or courier, I think!
  7. can you please post the link!?
  8. i've been looking for a city?!?! can you please post a link?? pretty please??

  9. BOOOO that sold super quickly! :crybaby:
  10. hey guys!

    that was me who wanted one. Actually bought one two days before so i think it's a bit random that after 2 years of searching i find two in the same week haha

    thanks for thinking of me, did another PF'er get it?
  11. congrats on your find!

    post pics!!

    i'm looking for a city/work/or courier as well... so if anyone sees one, please think of me!


  12. ooooh.. so shes in your hot little hands now huh?

    Do show!
  13. It was mine! :p She sold in less than a day!
    Now I have to say goodbye to her as I take her off to UPS to go and live with her new owner :crybaby:
    Goodbye beautiful B-bag, you'll always be remembered!