Damages (on FX)

  1. I am surprised there wasn't already a thread on this show considering how promoted it was/is. Anyone catch the premiere? It was pretty good. I am somewhat of a law nut,though.
  2. amazing show! i LOVE glenn close!
  3. I have it just haven't been able to watch it yet! Can't wait, it looks very promising :nuts:
  4. They showed an encore of the pilot episode last night. Sorry you missed it!!
  5. This is going to be a good show if the first episode was any indication.
  6. Yeah I taped it, just haven't had time to watch yet ;) FX is starting to have a bunch of shows that I find interesting! I'd never heard of that network before Dirt... and I LOVEDDDDD Dirt! So I'll definitely tune in more often!
  7. Yeah, the pilot was rather interesting.
  8. My whole recording of this was messed up. Did anyone have the same problem? It kept screwing up. I did get to see the later episode though.
  9. GREAT show! What do you think Katie Connor's story is? I get the feeling she DIDN'T have an abortion, since she was meeting with the father in the second episode.... and it probably was more than a one-night stand... how would she know how to contact him in NYC otherwise? Seems suspicious to me...
  10. I'm hooked! I pretty much am glued to the TV (or Tivo) for Tuesday night FX shows! If this one is as good as the others (first episode was great), then I'm in. Need to see this week's episode - it's waiting on DVR
  11. What is this show about actually?
  12. I find the show intriguing. This is the second F/X show that I thought was pretty good quality. (Rescue me being the first.) I'm beginning to think F/X might be channel worth keeping an eye on...

    As for what the show is about...

    I think the link will explain it better than I can
  13. The first epi was really good. Had to DVR the second.
  14. From the website there are about 13 episodes. The third episode just flew by. It's that sort of show that you have to talk to others about to get the full effect. Kind of hard to understand some parts, I want to ask but don't want to spoil it for those who haven't seen it yet.
  15. My absolute favorite show of the season! I am riveted. No one is to disturb me when it is on lol.