Damaged shoe - advice needed!

Jul 13, 2009
A little over a month ago, I bought a pair of boots to take with me on my vacation overseas. They cost around $300 and are made by a well-respected brand. I wore them on my trip quite a bit, but didn't "overwear" them, if that makes sense. A few days before my trip ended, I noticed that the sole of the left boot had started to separate - it's like the sole is 2-ply, and the two layers are starting to pull away from each other.

When I got back to the States, I emailed the lady who sold the shoes to me and explained the problem, and asked for direction on what to do. Nearly a week went by w/o me hearing from her (and the email address I used was the store's, not one specifically for her alone), so I emailed her again. She said she'd been out of town, was sorry for the problem and asked me to bring the boots back so she could take a look.

I live 5 hours away from the store and have actually just had major surgery, so taking them back in person isn't an option (nor will it be for quite some time). I explained that to her and her new solution is for me to mail the left boot to her.

In your opinion, what is reasonable in this situation? The boots weren't even a month old before the problem started. I don't feel I should have to go to any expense to have them fixed. Both boots would actually need to be sent, since you can't just resole one shoe, and God forbid the post office lose them or something. I emailed her asking if it would be easier for me to email her a pic of the problem, or if not, then she could email me her UPS # or Fedex # and I'd be happy to ship them. The cost of mailing them to her with return receipt would probably be half of what it'd cost me to have them resoled locally.

She hasn't responded yet. I'm not trying to be a pill about this but IMO I feel like I'm getting the runaround, what with the delays and her not offering to pick up the expense of shipping. My mom and I spent nearly $1000 at her store that day. I feel like I'm having to beg her to handle this, when in reality I'm sure there's a store policy in place for this sort of thing; it doesn't need to be this big a hassle for the customer.

How would you handle this, if it were you? I'm trying to be reasonable but it's starting to annoy me.


Jan 12, 2006
I'd find a way to communicate w/ the company that makes them.
That happened to my Steve Madden's last winter :sad:


Nov 22, 2010
New York
If you need to wear it soon, I think I would find a trusted local cobbler and have my boots fixed. It will be much faster and more convenient.

Or else, you should send it directly to the store. It sure will take more time, but the cost will be less :smile:


Jul 20, 2009
Does the brand or store have a warranty? If not, then I would probably just take them to a cobbler and get them resoled.

If there is a warranty, then take a picture of the problem and send them to her. If shipping back to her is a cost you have to bear then suggest to have her pay for a local cobbler to fix it.


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Jun 11, 2007
i would go ahead and send her the pic and call her and ask her how would she proceed.
GL!! it happened to me once...tho the boots were like 200 but i didn't bring them back and i brought them to cobbler myself. didn't want any aggravation.
Jul 13, 2009
^^I'm rapidly leaning that way myself, but it annoys me because I feel like that's what she's trying to get me to do by being so unhelpful. A pair of boots is meant to last longer than 30 days...I'm not really sure why she's taking the attitude that she needs to see the problem before she can comment on how to proceed. Tomorrow I'll go back to my house and get them (I'm recovering from surgery at my mom's) and then will call her and sort all this out. This is the first time this has ever happened to me, so thanks to everyone for their advice so far. I want to be reasonable with all this but my patience is quickly running out.