Damaged Purse

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  1. My GF bought a red shirt/blouse from Nordstrom. After washing the shirt, she wore it with her Gucci purse. The red ended up bleeding onto the purse. It's not bright red, merely a red "hue" to the brown fabric. Gucci said they could "evaluate" the purse for $50, and if it could be cleaned, it would be 150 to 250. However, the customer service person said that it was unlikely to work on the beige GG fabric.

    Has anyone had any success negotiating with Nordstrom for a new purse? They supplied a product that caused property damage. We still have receipts for both the purse and the shirt/blouse.

    Also, does anyone have personal experience with Gucci attempting to clean such a stain?

    Any advice or insight would be appreciated.

  2. A few members have had luck using babywipes on the jeans transfer, give that a try.

    Not sure about the Nordstrom question... sorry.