Damaged out of the box! My heart breaks!

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  1. Received the sunglass case after months and months of waiting...Straight from LV looking like this! Is it glue or just not glazed properly? I live so far from a store that everything is done by mail, so I can't pop into a one. Any advice?

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  2. Ugh how frustrating. It looks like glue, does it rub off like it's just excess glue? If not I'd call them and explain and they should issue an exchange for a case that isn't damaged.
  3. It looks like it's just glue, you can probably peel it off. Have you tried?
  4. I just returned a bag that had glue issues...if you're not near a store, you can try and ask for an exchange or return and then get one from a store and have someone look at it before sending it to you...I know it's such a frustrating feeling!
  5. I got a bright light and did som more investigating. Definitely not glue. If you take tweezers, ever so gently and pick at it, it lifts the glazing away from the canvas. What a bummer! Thank you everyone for your help!!
  6. Is it just me or can we no longer zoom in on a pic? I was trying to get a better look. That is so disappointing to wait so long and then get a not perfect item.
  7. Do you see the option in the top right that says "Show In Original Location"? Click that and it should open the image and you can then click on the image and zoom. Or when I click on the image name, it opens up and I can zoom from there.
  8. I'm glad you could resolve this! Mine is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I'm curious about the condition it'll be in. Hopefully this isn't happening as a result of LV trying to churn them out quickly to meet demand.
  9. Thanks for the tip, it works for me! It looks like it was scraped on something since there is a spot on the canvas too...
  10. It's been a team effort to figure out this new layout!
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  11. T
    thxs but I don't see this option in the phone app. I used to be able to click on the photo and enlarge.
  12. Ah, thought you were desktop. Take this with a grain of salt b/c things always change, but one of the admins said on the day of the update that they are still working on the app and will be doing so for the next few weeks. Maybe that option will be back soon.
  13. I hope so because so far the app sucks, just being honest
  14. I truly hope so as I only use the app and I notice not a lot of new posts on LV lately as peeps might just be frustrated. But I'm gonna hold out hope it will get better. Thxs for trying to help.
  15. So sorry to hear that, especially after waiting so long. My only advice is to contact a store closer to you and ask to order through them since a SA will be able to inspect the case in detail before sending it your way...it also helps to have a relationship with a SA in the future in regards to repairs or being assisted during the next order.