Damaged LV Neverfull

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  1. I am so disappointed. I purchased my Neverfull less than two weeks ago, carried it max 4 times and was horrified to see a small snag in the top yesterday. Its like a little tear, but i dont know how it got there. i've been very careful carrying it and always keep it in the dust bag.
    I plan to return it tomorrow, before the 14 day exchange warranty is up and i'm thinking of swapping it for a different model. Can i do that?

    I'm thinking of going for the delightfull, which i liked when i was in the store, but because my mind was 'set' on the Neverfull, i didn't look at it. I want a bag large enough to carry things for my LO, when out and about, so that i don't have to carry 2 bags. (baby change + my own).

    Let me know what you think about these choices:

    1. Delightful mm
    2. Montoguile gm
    3. Batignolles Horizontal or vertical (as long as it large enough, i dont mind).
    4. Delightful gm

    Thanks x

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  2. Oh my god that is really not good atall.
    Go with the delightfull GM :biggrin: I was going to buy this bag but in the monogram untill I saw the delightfull, its the best purchese iv made and the bag itself material wise is alot thicker and the shoulder strap is waaaay thicker and more comftable.The bag is massive I can never fill it up and the frount 2 zips give it a very fashinable look.
  3. I'm curious to know if they will replace this item given that it has been used and the damage was due to its use? Our boutique won't accept rerturns if the item was sold in BN condition then returned alrdy damaged. i think the most that they would do is repair it for free.
  4. hooooo shooottttt !!
    what happened???
    that is bad!
    never seen anything like it before!
    could it be a defect??
    i'm refusing to believe such incident could result to that..
    well, unless it was cut by a knife, or scissors, or something??
    even if my baby chewed on it, it would not result to a tear.. ??
  5. Jelita - exactly. My baby doesn't even have teeth yet!. I wondered if it was sold to me like that and i didn't notice it. Like i said, it was only used on 4 occasions including yesterday, when i noticed it. i looked at it again and it seems as if its where the material overlaps, just dont get it.
  6. So sorry to hear that happened to your bag LadyIllusion, especially since you had your heart set on it :sad: I had a similar thing happen on my Damier Neverfull,not snagging but rather cracking and peeling of the handles after only 7 months of gentle use :sad: In my case I brought it to the LV boutique not expecting much sympathy (but really felt I wanted to do something as I feel price should really equal quality. Luckily after a quality check was conducted I was offered an exchange (or store credit to the bag's value).

    I'm sure every shop is different but something as severe as that really should not happen considering the price! Best of luck&to answer your question,I think the Delightful (50) is lovely!!!:smile:
  7. Sucks that happened to you... I've had my NF since February and haven't had any issues at all.

    Of the options you listed, I'd go with the Delightful GM. Although I'm not a fan of the zippers, MM seems too small. Do you like large purses? If not, go for the Delightful MM.
  8. That is really bad!!! That's why I thoroughly inspect my bags before I purchase them. BTW, your daughter is beautiful!!
  9. So sorry that it happened to you, but I don't sure that you could return the bag or not, since the bag is already used. Unless you could convinced them that you never use the bag before. Other than that, all they cab do is giving you a free repair.

    But if you can replace it, I would choose the Delightful MM, not the fan of those zippers.
  10. I'm sorry this happened to you, LadyIllusion. I had a similar problem with my Damier NF GM. It had 2 little holes appear in the leather strip that runs around the top of the bag, by where the pocket is attached. I could see that it was also going to happen where the bag creases. They were very tiny but getting bigger with usage. I looked at pictures of other Damier Neverfulls in here and saw bags with the same issue. Mine is being repaired right now, but I expect that it will happen again. I don't think you did anything to your bag by using it a few times. Good luck returning it. I also have a Delightful GM and love it.
  11. Thanks everyone. I've put my glasses on to take another good look and its where the edges come together and overlaps on the bag. It has lifted. I knew it wasn't my fault, because i have only carried it out three times prior to yesterday.
    According to the receipt, i can exchange the bag within 14 days, but cannot get a refund. Not that i want one anyway. I feel alot better now, knowing its just material overlapping, which has not been stitched down properly.

  12. Thank you sweet pea, she's a little angel, always smiling and happy.
  13. Gosh, I'm sorry. You know, it looks as though someone cut it. People can be petty that way unfortunately.
  14. Ok. I don't mind big bags (large purses), but since i've had my daughter, i've got to carry things for her, and i've struggled pushing my cameleon with hand bags. I have mainly top handles and clutches, which makes it hard to manouvre the pushchair and hold a bag.

    what is it about the zippers on that bag that many dislike?
  15. No problem exchanging it, when I purchased the keepall ebene 55 in Cannes (France) the zipper literally broke after 5 hours (4 just sitting in the car). And it also had some black marks on the canvas. This happened on the airport so I wasnt returning to France for a few months, but when I came home (Norway) I just went to the store in Oslo (I also used it for 2 weeks sins the airport to school). They just made a phone call to Cannes, and 5 minutes later they give me a brand new one.