Damaged LV bought at a LV boutique

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  1. I was recently in California on vacation and decided to treat me to something nice. I knew i needed something easy to use, small/er and convenient. I been looking at a few brands...and had decided to go with LV.
    I went to the Fashion Valley store in San Diego, like every other LV store their presence is felt right at the door entrance. I had browsed around hoping that something would catch my eye...and it didnt take too long before I saw the [FONT=arial,sans-serif][SIZE=-1]Poche Toilette 26...it was perfect...the second i saw it i pictured my cell, ipod, cigs...etc...and didnt even look like a man purse but a lager agenda case.
    That evening i purchased the item...since it was my first time buying LV products I didnt think twice about double checking the stitching, or making sure the leather was not damaged in any way. I always had believed LV stood by its product...not to sound so negative...but for my first shopping experience this was a crummy one. The story begun when i came back to my home state and was excited & anxious to utilize my LV. I sat down and absorbed its awesomeness...started examining the leather...to my surprise...my heart had skipped a beat...when i found notches in the piping on the sides. I looked at it closer and realized this item was damaged. The LV store that i had bought the piece is 3000 mi away, and will they want to return/exchange it? Quickly I had a list of closest LV's in the radius and started calling...assuming they are strict on their policies and will want me present at the time of the process.
    First I had called the NYC store...they weren't eager help me...they suggested I call the Boston store since they were closer. The Boston folk told me...option a) to send it to them for repairs...allow upto 6-8 weeks...option b return it to the main store I had purchased it..seriously?joking right? So much for luxury experience. I called the store in San Diego...to my surprise they actually seemed to care...the original SA was very prompt and curious with the matter. The item was exchanged...i had sent the 1st one in...and 2 weeks later...................whola...my LV was here!!! They even left a message apologizing for the inconvenience blah blah so on & so on. So the new piece should have been new right? not damaged...well so here I am looking at it...and I see the exact same issue (different pochette)...I couldn't believe it. I hopped online did a little research (thats how i found this site)...also found out why the piping & edges of LV bags might crack/rip...the reasons ranged from climate change to use. When i had bought the 1st pochette it had stayed in its original box & with me the whole time I didn't really see how i could have damaged it. After getting in contact with the SA i had wrote a letter stating when i bought it, how i had ensured it safety especially since i had to hop on a few different planes...etc...also took pictures orig. reciept and sent it back even in the original bag. (Suggested returning process) I was even within the 14 day/2week policy. Now I had to return the second one...i thought that i was going to get stuck with it and in 1-3 years it would be "Pochette NoMore"...luckily I must have done something right...because "once more it will be replaced it...for the final time" that is quoting their leather specialist...who also 'schooled' me on LV saying that the leather & the piping are naturally going to have cracks in it from the leather being bent. I understood that...but cracks & ripes to the point that I can see inside of the leather grain? and the corners are already peeling? I wasn't born yesturday lady. Leather can only be stitched with certain threats, specific needle/s, the stitches them self are usually 4 pr cm, 5mm away from the corners/edges in order to prevent the threat to rip the leather. Anywho...didnt say that smiply because she had control over my LV. I felt as though i was pushing my luck or being picky, however after finding similar experiences by other customers...i knew i wasn't in the wrong. Her reply was "we had 4 of the top managers examine it, if it does not live up to your standards you may return it for a full refund". Felt as though i was being kicked out of the store. Hmm okay...at least I was able to work with them on a final exchange process.

    BTW folks: Noticed a pattern? Most defective/damaged LV boutique bought pieces come from Cali(major cities). Getting back to the point...for some reason it would have made sense to examine the piece being exchanged for is in its prime condition, wrong. Currently they are shipping me my 3rd piece...usually 3rd one is the lucky one...at least i hope. Anywho whish me luck, will keep you updated...spoke to the 'leather specialist' 4/8...i hope the new piece isn't going disappointing...should arrive in the main soon...couldn't be soon enough I actually wish to use it.

    1st piece: a total of 8 minor notches on the sides.
    2nd piece: 2 ripped corners(bottom), creased bottom...looks as though some one had placed weight on it :wtf::crybaby::yucky::shrugs::crybaby:
  2. Sorry I can't be of any particular help to you, but I do know that LV flattens their canvas bags a lot since they are meant to do that. Don't know about your particular style. Maybe that's what caused the wear?

    My speedy was completely flat when it was in the box.. I think I still have the creases on it.
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  4. I'm sorry :sad: I hope it all works out!
  5. So sorry for you!!!
  6. Hope things will work out for you and sorry for such a bad experience.
  7. so sorry abt it.:heart: didu call elux or lv?
  8. Im not an LV expert, but I just thought Id throw my two cents in. like Demosthenes said many bags do come folded or compacted, they might even get flattened for shipping, and this does cause creases, especially in speedys. In my experience "notches" in canvas usually bounce right out but need a little time. Also just to clarify, this piece is not leather, except for the little tab on the end of the zipper that is vachette.

    Also from your pictures I have a question. Did both sides have the little rip in the corner? and did both toilettes? if so I was looking at Elux and I cannot tell from there but maybe its made that way? It looks like the canvas is taking most of the structural support in that bottom half of the sides, and in the elux pic the creases coming from those corners are immense.

    again these are just questions and opinions. I hope you get a final bag that is flawless!

    edit: elux link http://eluxury.com/estore/browse/product_detail.jsp?id=10188879#
  9. I would think the leather would go back to its normal shape after some use...
  10. Hmm...well my piece had 3 out of the 4 corners damaged...i also agree with too much pressure being placed on the bottom portion of the structure. I assumed even though didn't feel like leather, just because when i would hold it and slightly bend it...i swear i could her the glue separate from the inside lining. Hmm kind of odd their leather specialist had informed me why this happened and she said because the "leather was bent...I was like lol really?" I am surprised LV quality assurance team wasn't picking up on defect and/or the base structure wasn't altered or softened up the canvas. I also very much hope to receive what i paid for.

    Thanks for the insight...didnt think of the structural support being an issue. :shame:
  11. I would certainly say something. That's not good.
  12. i'm sorry that you received two damaged pieces. i hope the third's a charm!