damaged hair.. need a fix

  1. So...my hair is fried from bleaching and straightening processes and I HATE the texture of my hair. It completely lacks shine and luster and feels like straw!! Does anyone know anything that REALLY works? I'm willing to spend anything but it's gotta work. I've tried all this beauty salon gunk from placenta conditioners to emergency pak 911 to infusium to coating. Nothing has helped! so please anything??? THANKS :smile:
  2. get the Frederic Fekkai shea butter moisture mask: http://www.bergdorfgoodman.com/store/catalog/prod.jhtml;jsessionid=GEPTIVTVZXA1YCQAAKMRPVA?itemId=prod15800083&parentId=cat243432&masterId=cat243406&index=8&cmCat=

    i flat iron and dye my already-dryness-prone hair and have been doing so for years and it was icky, breaking, super dry, and just in terrible shape in general. i bought some of that stuff at Bloomingdales on the suggestion of an Asian SA who had BEAUTIFUL BLOND HAIR - i figured that woman knew a thing or two about keeping processed hair healthy. She said it was the only thing that kept her hair from being straw-like and breaking all over the place, so i bought some, followed the instructions, and sure enough! it made my hair incredibly soft, stopped fly aways, and made it look healthier. it has also been easier to style since i started using it. good luck!

    also, try replacing your current flat iron with a GHD - that has REALLY helped me, plus it does a better job straightening than my old, damaging CHI!
  3. well--i dont really know any products for your hair but once you do find the products, key thing is LET YOUR HAIR REST! don't blow dry/flat iron it for about a month, use a really good shampoo & deep condition once a week & don't dye your hair for a while. i know it sounds really hard to do but if you want your hair to be healthy again you gotta let it rest and get it's strength back =) just put some mouse or something after the shower so it won't look totally fried....let us know how it works out!
  4. oh, and if you're washing your hair every day, DON'T. that'll dry your hair out almost as much as heat styling - let your hair's natural oils do what they're supposed to do. ideally, you're supposed to wash your hair every third day, but if you can't do that, then even every other day would make a difference if you're doing it every day.
  5. guys i have to wash my hair everyday! and i must iron it everyday!! but thanks for the tips. im goign to get a GHD straightener and try to Fed fekkai stuff
  6. I use the BUMBLE AND BUMBLE damage therapy rinse out AND leave in conditioner,I SWEAR by it.My hair LOVES IT!LOL!
    They also have a one month use damage therapy ampule..but its not sold in stores.ONLY bumble and bumble salons can apply it..THAT is FABULOUS..Im lucky as my colorist gives me an ampule to use everytime I go there..and one to take home.Its like a miracle cure to my hair!

    PS-I color,blowout and straighten my hair too so it gets stressed out easily as well!
  7. You can also go to your salon and get a deep condition. It dosen't take that long and the product they use is noramlly a good treatment. Well it is for me atleast.

    I also LOVE sexy hair's Oatmeal deep conditioner. It comes in a pack and you can apply it for 5-10 mins, towel wrapped and rinse. It smells soo good and my hair looks so shiny, smooth and healthy.
  8. Why do you have to wash it everyday? I think that's probably what the problem is. Washing strips oils, so it just makes dry hair drier. And ironing it everyday is like the worst thing you could do. Sorry, I don't mean to be rude, but it's true.

    My hair was got totally fried once. My stylist told me to wash it as little as possible and put a deep conditioner everytime I washed it and leave it on as long as I could. I stopped heat styling it for almost a whole year. I just wore it in a ponytail that whole time. You can't really reverse that kind of damage; it just has to grow out.

    I still use Aussie 3 Minute Miracle everytime I wash my hair. It works just as well as many of the pricier conditioners I've tried...
  9. Why do you have to iron it every day??? have you tried to see how it looks just putting some mouse on it while it's wet??? my friend had this same problem she said SHE JUST HAD to iron it evvvvery day until her hair was starting to break off..then she let it rest for about a month and wala! her hair was sooo much more healthier! i know it's a hard thing not to straighten your hair =( but it'll be sooo much more healthier if you let it rest! i would hate to have your hair to break off before it's too late! =X

  10. Your hair is not going to get healthier....you have to sacrifice something....heat will KILL you hair along with Chemicals, etc.....You need to lay off one, or the other, or both....also, you can't really make BAD hair GREAT,

    If it's extremely damaged, you may have to get some or a good portion cut off.
  11. There is a salon-only treatment from Kerastase called Kerathermie. It takes 60-90 minutes. It really works. And if you iron your hair every day you might want to try Vita-Ciment by Kerastase. It's supposed to strenghten and protect your hair while you straighten it.
  12. Do you use any protecting serum before you straighten and blow dry? you should. Also because I use to color my hair a lot I go in for treatments at my salon every few weeks. Doing an intense conditioning treatment definitely puts some moisture back into your hair.
  13. The best thing is to buy a heat cap and use a good 30+ minute deep conditioner. My friend has been bleaching, frosting and frying her hair for years, not to mention perms but she uses the heat cap once or twice a week and her hair is very soft and does not look damaged. I use mine maybe once a month since I have a short pixie cut but you can tell the difference when you use it. Bumble and Bumble makes good products. CVS drugstore sells them.
  14. ...i flat iron with my GHD every day and my hair looks fine :shrugs: is there something i'm overlooking?