"Damaged/defective" Birkin 30cm - what to do?

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  1. Hi all - apologies if this is in the wrong section.

    Basically, I purchased a used Birkin 30cm for my mom as a birthday gift, and when it arrived we noticed the following damages/defects/wear-and-tear (please see attached):

    1) One of the leather straps on the front is not lined up properly with the hardware - not a snug fit - and thus makes the leather "loose" in the back.

    2) The leather lock strap is falling apart due to glue(?) issues. This is very noticeable :sad:

    I understand this is a used item, and is 8 years old (L square time stamp) but am wondering if anyone else has come across these defects/wear-and-tear before? I purchased this from a very reputable website, who I am not naming or blaming as they have been very helpful thus far. I have emailed them about this and we are currently discussing options. One thing to note is that these issues were not in the description of the bag.

    Does anyone know if Hermes will/can fix this if I go to an actual boutique? If so, roughly how much?

    Thanks a lot in advance everyone!
    IMG_8147 (1).JPG IMG_8153.JPG IMG_8156.JPG
  2. Where did you purchase this from? Have you had it authenticated?
  3. Normal wear and tear i can say
    However dont think you have ample time for birthday as repair may take quite sometime
    I really suggest that you change another piece
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  5. Definitely not what I would consider "defective" as both issues seem like normal wear and tear. If the seller is working with you I would return and do more research. If you have to keep it, I would search the repair/refurbish thread to see if anyone has had these things fixed. Unless something is being sold as brand new you should carefully evaluate the level of wear you're comfortable with.
  6. Ew. Not acceptable. Return. No time for all this repair work....
  7. Return. While I don't consider this defective, I do think the condition should have been disclosed better.
  8. I would return this bag ASAP! Too many issues to fix.
  9. If the site will compensate you fairly for these defects, I might try to take the bag into Hermes to at least get a spa quote and see what can be done. Do you live near a flagship boutique? After you get that info you can assess whether or not it makes sense to return.
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  10. Both those things are normal wear and tear and easily fixable by the spa. However, that can take a while.

    I think that it all depends on the price you paid: if you paid close to retail for this bag, it is definitely not worth keeping. However, if it was priced accordingly, then it is something that as a buyer needs to understand- it is an L, that's many years of use, and I have seen that on Kellys and Birkins for sale, both issues. Good luck.
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  11. Ditto exactly... Unless they discount heavily considering these were not mentioned in the listing
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    There is a thread that exist's regarding the leather buckling from the plate. There were a few years that this occurred on the Birkins as it happened to one of mine. A trip to the spa will correct the problem, they repaired mine at no charge.
  14. Were these flaws disclosed by the seller? if not, RETURN.
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