"Damaged" chain louise

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  1. Unfortunately my chain louise has gotten some strikes on the lock, so i was wondering if any of you know a fix? Already contacted my SA regarding repair costs, but thought i should try asking all of you too :smile:

    The damage is not intense, not very noticable, but I knooow they are there.. Adding a pic i took so it would show alot;)


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  2. This is common as has been discussed in the Louise Clubhouse. I believe they'll say it's normal wear and tear.
  3. Those are inevitable scratches on hardware
  4. Those are the unfortunate and inevitable traces of normal wear and tear. If you were to have this repaired/replaced then it would happen all over again in a short period of time...just try to relax and enjoy your Louise and then, when it gets really dinged up and discoloured, go and have this piece fixed.
  5. I wonder if you could polish it to smooth out the scratches a bit.
  6. You can get the lv initial replaced, my SA quoted me $140.
  7. You could cut down a clear iPad protection screen and place it on top
  8. Yeah i did use something my dad uses on the chrome on his motorbike on two of my stephen sprouse charms who had seen better days, worked great, but waay too scared to use it on a handbag, especially when i dont know if the outcome will be great.. The charms didnt have the same kind of scratches..
  9. Wow, not that pricey! Still waiting for my SA to come back to me regarding that, but really doubt it would be that cheap in norway.. But lets hope!