Damaged Burberry--a way to fix?

  1. An eBay member contacted me about an auction she won: 190121560279. She said the coating had separated from the purse due to the way the purse was folded for shipping. Where the fold crease occurs is where there is a bubble effect. She was asking me if I knew how to fix it. I don't. I've seen that happen before on heat damaged purses and never knew how to fix it. Anybody have any idea?
  2. I have my doubts that it can be fixed... she can try contacting Burberry and see what they say

    If she wants, she can contact the seller and see if they will be so good to accept a return as it was the way it was shipped by the seller that caused the damage
  3. ^ITA- the seller should refund her money for folding it like that. Just from the pics you can tell that bag was not meant to be folded :push:
  4. Well then! Never mind. It's a fake. The buyer emailed me back to say she couldn't find a "Made in Italy" mark anywhere on the purse. Actually, she said she couldn't find a "Made in" anywhere on the bag. Maybe that's why the coating separated--fake cheap material?
  5. ^^^ Need a clearer pic of the front and back of the interior tag to be sure... the MADE IN ITALY stamp should be on the back of the tag
  6. That's what I asked the buyer for also when she sent me the email. Turns out there's nothing on the back of the tag at all. And there's nothing anywhere on the purse that has the "Made in" stamp. No "Made in Italy", "Made in China", "Made in Anywhere".

    I thought the price was great but only if it had been real.
  7. ^^^ Then I also suspect that it is fake... poor buyer!

    I hope she plans to contact the seller and arrange for a refund...
  8. I guess this is one for you all to put on your list of don't buy from. Poor buyer indeed. She contacted the seller about a refund and the seller said it's buyer's remorse and that IF the bag is damaged, it's the buyer's fault. The seller also said she thinks it's authentic (no actual proof) and will only refund if the bag arrives back to her within 3 days. Oh! And the refund is minus shipping plus listing fee. Nice hah?
  9. ^^^ Advise the buyer to file a dispute right away and contact her cc company to start the process of doing a chargeback

    You are more than welcome to direct the buyer here - she can post the auction link and her own pics in the Authenticate This Burberry thread and I will provide my opinion on authenticity

    The buyer will be left with almost no funds once the shipping charge and seller fees are deducted. IMO, she should file an Item Not as Described dispute...

    Wish her luck from me!

  10. I advised the buyer to come here. I'll tell her you wished her luck. ;)
  11. I would contact burberry.
  12. About fixing it or about it being fake? I don't think they'd offer advice on how to fix it if it's fake.
  13. u kno i bought my burberry nova check tote from the burberry store and i noticed a similar thing happened to my bad. where the bag normally folds a lot, i noticed a bubble effect on it..so i have 3 lil bubbles on the exterior of the bag. n this has been a lil more than 2 mos ...and its my first burberry bag. what a disappointment for 300ish dollars. i have contacted the store..they told me to bring it in to have the manager evaluate it. *sigh*
  14. You're kidding. That totally sucks. Can I ask if yours is one of the newer style ones? I have tons of Burberrys that have creases/folds and I've never had any of them bubble up on me. :sad:

    I hope the manager replaces your bag or offers you some type of money back discount.
  15. yeah i bought it back in aug, just a simple nova check tote with diagonal stripes. beats me, it bubbles at the creases. at first it was a tiny lil bubble at one site, then another one bigger one..and before i know it, theres three. lol. i hope i get my money back too.