Damaged Alvin Valley's!!!

  1. I recently bought a pair of Alvin Valley pants on eBay. The auction stated they were Brand New With Tags and that they were perfect pants. It also said that the tassle on the side was removabe, which I liked, becaused I didnt like the tassle. When the pants arrived I noticed the tassle was NOT removable and when I went to try the pants on I noticed there was a huge rip along the crotch!!! I notified the seller right way and told her they were fixable. She said to just send them back. These are very unique Alvin Valley pants and I've never seen any like them. I wanted to keep them. I asked her if she wanted me to send them back to her so SHE can get them fixed and then send them back to me. She didnt want to do that so she told me just to go get them fixed and that she would refund the money. I did just that. After I got back to her with the cost of the mend ($10) she said that was too much, "How bout I send you $5 because that's how much I would have paid and that's what I think is fair. You had to have them hemmed anyway, right?" was the response I got. I told her I had to pay $10 for the mend and another $10 for the hem. I didnt really want to go back and forth about it so I told her if she didnt want to refund the money fine. At this point I think she realized that she had already left positive feedback for me, while I still have feedback to give. She got back to me with a more pleasant tone asking for the reciept. I told her that I dont have the reciept anymore. Had she asked about the reciept or a picture of the damage earlier, I would have glady complied. But now it's too late for either. It's only $10, and I've about had it with this lady...I'm thinking I should just leave negative feedback and be done with it...what do you all think?
  2. She's already left you positive? Leave her a detaled negative. It will serve her right. She obviously isn't keen on top customer satisfaction and if you return the pants now you'll be out the 20.00 anyway plus return shipping. You can write her one more time and be firm about taking responsibility for what she's selling and her feedback is going to suffer if this is the way she does business.
  3. I would leave her a negative. There's no need to talk to you like that and she sent you a product that was SNAD.