damage to our purses...

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  1. Okay, so I know most of us are willing to drop hundreds, thousands on handbags we absolutely adore...and love to carry! but i have had some close calls, and this weekend i was out with my vert d'eau bbag and the exhaust pipes from the buses to the slight drizzle to the kids running around with ice cream cones had me nearly convinced i wouldn't leave without some terrible stain on my bag.

    fortunately it was fine in the end, but i have had friends who have brought bags to bars and malls and had grenadine, soda, ice cream, etc spilled on their bags. i was at an event a couple of months ago and left my bag on a table, and someone spilled an entire cup of coffee! :wtf: thankfully it was a longchamp nylon and it came out.

    so has that happened to any of you yet? and, if a stranger or a friend were to accidentally spill something on your bag and destroy it - would you just chalk it up to money lost? that is probably one of my fears- saving up for a bag i really love and having it be destroyed in a matter of seconds by clumsiness (my own or someone else's). i personally could never ask someone to pay for the damage, even partially - its my own decision to spend so much on a bag in the first place.
  2. my mom just had a gorgeous bag she spent like $300 US on nearly ruined! she was having a manicure and the carelous manicurist spilled a bottle of polish all over her tan leather bag! the lady and her manager didnt really care and were rather rude, so my mom said she isnt going back there! she has the bag at a professional leather cleaner now. fingers crossed!
  3. Oh if someone else was responsible for any damage done to my bag they for SURE would be paying for it.

    I had my bag in the backroom at work once and the assistant manager spilled drops of liquid foundation all over my bag. I was PISSED. First off all, the managers had their own office so I don't see why she was anywhere near where my bag was kept. Then she was really rude about it, I was just worried it wouldn't come out but I wasn't screaming or crying about it. She then tells me to "LISTEN. Buy some leather cleaner and it will come out." I wanted to punch her. She also tried to blame me because she knows I wear liquid foundation too but I just had to point out that my foundation is at least 3 shades darker than hers. :rolleyes:
  4. Eeeeesch! As luck would have it, I haven't had any close calls or mishaps like are described above, so I don't know how I would actually react, but I think I can say that if anything happened to one of my bags that was due to the carelessness of someone else, they would definitely hear about it, and I would expect them to take care of it. After all, I paid a lot of money for my bags, and I know accidents do happen, but if I happened to accidentally do harm to someone else's bag, I would certainly do the right thing myself.
  5. ugh! thats the worst. if they are rude about it, then i'd definitely get mad and make them take responsibility for the damage! i hope it comes out!!!
  6. After an oil mishap at my manicurist that thankfully turned out ok (some sloppy customer who had just doused her nails in oil went grabbing for her bag, which was sitting next to mine and guess where some of that oil went--but fortunately the oil just was absorbed into my bulga after a couple of days and left no trace), I leave my bags in the trunk of my car when getting my nails done.

    And I do not take a fave to a bar. At a restaurant, I will put my bags on empty chairs and then push them under the table--I once saw a whole bowl of soup get spilled on some poor woman, it was her birthday and she was all dressed up nicely, I felt sooo bad. A free meal would not be enough for me (I don't go there anymore).

    I realize accidents happen but I doubt any of these places would pay for a new bag, they probably figure a $20 dry cleaning bill should take care of things. Ha!
  7. I would be really mad, especially it was my limited edition bags that I can't get anymore
  8. A long time ago, one day after I bought what was to me an expensive purse at the time (about $90), I took it to a friend's house. Three of us were watching movies and drinking vodka cranberries. My bag was right next to the coffee table. One of my friends knocked over a full and rather large drink with ice and all right into my bag!!! It was an amazingly perfect shot- the glass was standing upside down in my bag, not a drop of it spilled on the floor, and my leather bag held the drink in it while my wallet, phone, makeup, etc, got submeged. I had to take my bag to the sink and pour out everything inside. Fortunately the bag was black. I washed it out later that night with a mild dish soap and water solution, dried it as best as I could, and it was fine after a few days, but I was still pissed! My phone worked after it dried out too, my wallet was usable but looked bad and had to be replaced, and my makeup was a complete loss.
  9. I know accidents happen ... but sometimes it makes you wonder whether these incidents are really 'accidents', some people are just plain haters. For example, we had just purchased some Samsonite luggage (which were kinda pricey for me since one piece was already $500) and the SA proceeded to cut off the price tags. However the way she was holding the scissors, the sharp pointy part was poking into the suitcase as she was cutting the tags. I mentioned this to her as she was cutting the tags of the second luggage. Instead of changing the position of the scissors, she did the same thing again. What a total beeyatch ... sorry but that just pissed me off! Accidents OK but deliberately trying to damage is NOT. That just showed the true character of this woman ... some people are just plain evil!
  10. Why would a SA damage the goods? She could have been not too smart or figured it was going to get banged up really good by the airlines anyway and didn't care. I would have asked for new bags right away but maybe they were the last ones and she knew that. So irritating. And maybe jealous too.
  11. Honestly kemilia, I have no idea why she was so annoying ... I wasn't rude or condescending with her, yet she was so obviously a hater (BTW yes the pieces we bought were the last ones in the city). I know the luggage is going to get banged up by the airlines but who wants to buy a brand new one with holes poked through it! My DH thinks that she was either saving it for herself or for a friend and was pissed off that we were buying it.
  12. I got a Louis Vuitton White MC bag, around $1500 dollars. When I first carried it out with my friend. She spilled Korean potato soup on my bag. (potato soup is kind of spicy soup, full of spicy and RED base) I was so sad and piss off. I tried to clean it so hard, but still cant save her. I got two midterm at that day, I cant even study. and She told me she will buy me a new one. But she did not. I purchase another one after that.
    But now I never carried that bag, I always thinking about that day, the bag ruined by spicy soup. make me sad. I am too afraid to carry her out, I can only take her ouf of dust bag, and look at her.:sad:
  13. I would be really upset if I got say nail polish or tomato soup on my bag but I also think **little** scratches, dents, and stains give the bag character.
  14. Beeyatch is right! Something like that happened to me when I spotted a LAMB wallet in the glass case at Nordstrom and said, I want it!

    The sa took it out and said omg, I've been looking for that wallet forever. She turns around to another sa and says 'when did this come in' and the girl shrugged. She then proceeded to flop it all over the counter and point out all it's flaws. Like I wouldn't want it if she manhandled it or something?!!! :cursing:
  15. OMG! I feel so bad for everyone's mishaps with their beloved bags!! :sad::sad:
    Nothing bad has happened to me. But I'm gonna be more careful from now on!