Damage to LV"s????

  1. I've been reading certain threads and some people refer to color damage, color transfer, canvas rubbing off, rain, snow, and sunshine. I am confused by this. Is there an expert out there who can tell us exactly what is bad for which bags???? Thanks!!!!
  2. Yes, unfortunately they are right.

    Multicolor is very accessible for rubbing offs
  3. vernis: stay away from anything that is dyed (ie: jeans, colored paper, colored plastic..etc), they get transfered to the vernis. perle is such a pretty color, but i'm so scared for my life that it'll get ruined and be a total waste of money.

    mulitcolor/cerise/cherryblossom/graffiti (basically any screenprinted monogram): the design is screenprinted ON the monogram canvas, so they're more prone to getting rubbed off/flaking off faster.. it doesn't make them any less valuable.. if anything, the latter 3 are worth way more than when they retailed. haha.

    regular canvas bags with vachetta: rain/snow/sunshine will not damage the canvas, but it will patina and stain/watermark the vachetta leather straps/etc. well, anything really will stain it, actually. vachetta leather is naked untreated leather, so anything that touches it (grease, lotion, oil, water deposits, etc) will stain it. some light, some not so light.

    generally, the bags you buy should be used and carried proudly! but if you're gonna be careful, you can buy Damier (they dont damage as easily, and the leather is dyed dark brown, so you're safe from the elements) or Epi, or Suhali, or basically any other line without the naked white vachetta leather. :smile:

  4. when color (like newspaper or coffee) gets on Vernis, no chance of cleaning it off.
  5. You just have to learn to baby your lv's.
  6. My CB PTI has some rubbed off blossoms...i'm pretty sure there's nothing to do:sad2:
    Am i right or LV could fix it some way??:unsure:
  7. ^^^They won;t fix it.
  8. Jimmy, you sounded so professional! You always know everything. ;)
  9. hah thanks Iris! I try! :biggrin: