Damage to heel leather

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  1. Somehow, at some point today, I managed damage the leather on the heel of my Simples. They've only had a few wears so I'm beyond pissed. Is this something that can be fixed either by a cobbler or through a CL boutique?


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  2. Yes, that can be fixed! :yahoo: I'd recommend contacting MM7 (France) or Leather Spa (NYC)! HTH!
  3. I regular cobbler can help to smooth out the leather.

    However if you want it to look as if it's never been scratched before, you will need to replace the entire heel.
  4. Thank you!

  5. I wouldn't recommend replacing the heel. I did it once and the shoe was never the same.
  6. Well the job has to be done officially using original CL supplies, ie original heel and leather from the factory... I didn't just go to any random cobbler... The result is exactly the same as having a brand new pair of shoes.
  7. Hello!

    So I wore my heels to an outdoor wedding and when I got home I noticed that I scraped the patent off my heel! It's small but it still has me annoyed. Can this be repaired? Here are some pics

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1410359554.571133.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1410359575.910882.jpg
  8. I'm not sure where you are, but the Leather Spa in NY (whom the Louboutin boutiques use for repairs) fixed my nude Simple heel when it collapsed and the leather cracked. It seems that they had replacement leather that was the same color. If you're not in NY, you might want to bring it to your Louboutin boutique if there's one where you live and ask them about getting it fixed.

  9. Thank you for giving me hope, I'm in the Northern NJ area and I usually go to Rago..when I called in they said it's fixable but they use an enamel of some sort. Didn't really like that idea.
  10. I completely scraped the patent off the heels of my nude Sexy 100 and black Completa. Leather Spa was able to replace both for me. On the black Completa they only had to replace the patent leather on the one heel that was scraped. On the nude Sexy though, they ended up having to replace both heels. The nude that they had wasn't an exact match, so replacing both was necessary to minimize the noticeability of the color difference. All in all though, they did a great job.

  11. Can you share the pics of the nude pumps please? I'm afraid of the heel being noticeably different after they repair or replace it.
  12. Is it worth trying this first if it's not too pricey a job? You may be happy with the result. If you're not you could still get the leather on the heels replaced as candicek has done with her shoes. This is definitely the approach I would take.