Damage to heel leather

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  1. Has anyone had any success fixing a pair of non-black shoes with ripped heels? I went to Leather Spa and they didn't have a match for camel patent so I searched all over leather stores in the design district looking for a match. I found matches in regular leather but not patent and was told regular leather can't be made into patent leather once it is off the machine. I am desperate. Louboutin is no help; I called CL Madison, Horatio, and emailed the corporate office. I really wish they would provide leather swatches for this purpose. Please help!
  2. I ran into a similar problem with a pair of tortoise patent Pigalles. I made all the same calls with no luck. In the end, I had to buy another (used) pair off ebay and my cobbler used them to repair by original pair. Everyone said, why not just wear the new pair you got. But, my original pair was perfectly broken in to my feet so I wanted them fixed.
  3. Thanks for the info Jules! Did he take off the heel on the pair from ebay and put it on the old ones? I was thinking of doing that as well
  4. Yes, that is exactly what he did. I kept the other shoe just in case I ever need it for a future repair.
  5. One more question, was the shoe he took the heel off to use for the repair ruined or can I put the damaged heel on it? I hope that makes sense. Thanks!!
  6. I guess he could have put the damaged heel on the other shoe, but my heel was actually broken as well. So, we just threw it away.
  7. Good to know. Thanks again Julie!
  8. how much was the work total if you dont mind saying? Please Julies?
  9. I think he charged me about $45 to swap out the heel.
  10. Im in LA wow 45 is a great price they want 150 to start around here thank you for your info.
  11. ... speaking of heel repairs, would there be any structural or height difference depending on the size of the shoe it came off?

    for example, 5" heel would need to be attached with a steeper angle on a sz35, than a sz41..... would that affect the shape of the heel?

    just curious, thats all :P
  12. The proportions of different sizes are similar, if not nearly identical. A size 34 will have a lower heel than size 42. I don't think we've figured out what the size is that is a true 100 or 120 in height. Perhaps there isn't one, perhaps it's 38. Therefore the angle would not be steeper, but the heel could be either lower or higher, and possibly also wider or narrower.
  13. I see you are in the city. Arty's and Shoe Service have fixed badly scraped (the patent was ripped) heels.

    They did such a good job that I couldn't tell which one was the damaged one when they were finished.

    I especially liked Shoe Service.

    I usually have the boutiques send the shoes in to be repaired, but you can bring them in yourself.
  14. japskivt, CL Madison and Horatio told me they won't repair them. Where did u go? Also, what color were the shoes that Arty repaired?
  15. Yes, there is a difference in heel size based on shoe size. I had to find another identical pair in the same size. Took several months to find them.