Dam .. a fake .. at 228 $ !!! how could i help this fools of bidders ???

  1. That is nothing! Did you check my thread "let's report this thief"? in that case a fake Chanel is being sold for 1500!...report the listing as fraudelent and wait to see if Ebay pull it.
  2. how to do please .. i'm french .. not sure to easy find the way or to be abble to do it .. someone could help us ? ;)
  3. done thanks for them .. i hope it will help the bidders :smile:
  4. Report it to ebay on the bottom of the page. Whatever you do, do not email the bidders, that will only get YOU into trouble with ebay and get your account suspended.
  5. the auction has ended but people should styill report it in case ebay remove the listing before the buyer pays.
  6. I'll join the party too...reported.
  7. how does emailing the bidders get you into trouble?
  8. I've emailed the winner of the auction ;)

    and said to him that it was a fake and that i reported to ebay.. maybee it will help him.

    I don't think that ebay will get you in trouble in that kind of cases ... but it's foridden to contact ebayer when you don't ask a question about their items (in theory lol)

    I've done what i want the other to do for me if i were in that case ;)

    (excuse me for my special English ;) lol)
  9. Caliprincess is right. This is against Ebay policy and you can get suspended for contacting bidders like this. It is considered auction interference...
  10. Exactly. It may not seem fair, but you cannot contact the bidders/winner. You can only report the auction.