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  1. It's snowing and icy and windy here .... so I'm thinking about what H bags I don't have. Anyone have a Dalvy? It looks like such a ladylike handbag.

    Is it easy to access the contents? Comfortable to carry? TIA!
  2. I don't know but have all I can do NOT to call Boston Hermes to chit chat - everytime I do they have the bag I want in stock and I end up buying lol!! Are you looking at some on e-bay? I've noticed a couple - stay warm FRH!!!
  3. Thanks, Shoes -- I did see the ones on eBay....that's what got me thinking....:wondering

    You stay warm too up there -- nasty, nasty day!
  4. I think they're very, very elegant!! Go get one! Some of the current eBay deals are great!
  5. There is one on jemz at the moment...
  6. Had to rush to eBay to see what a Dalvy looks like...Very elegant!
  7. ugh i noticed the same ones! particularly monte's because it is bigger.
    i really dont think theres an H bag i dont like.
    except maybe a messenger bag (not the Evelyne, but the one we keep referring guys to when they ask. forgot its name. i dont like that bag. i also hear bad things about the Himalaya but haven't seen one)
  8. I LOOOVE Dalvy. Very elegant! I haven't seen any in stores. a few on auction sites pop up here and there!
  9. Here is my Dalvy, she is 30cm, rouge Vif, and a great going out, lunch/party/cocktails kind of bag that fulfills the same role as a 28cm Kelly or a 25cm Birkin. I think I once saw an article or a photo shoot in Vogue describing the Dalvy as the evening Birkin, but I didnt remember to save it!
  10. I have never seen the Dalvy. It's lovely. Another bag to add to my list.
  11. Oh. My. Goodness. This is just BEAUTIFUL in Rouge Vif!!! I am speechless.......:nuts:
  12. Does Hermes still make the Dalvy?:shrugs:
  13. I agree that it so very ladylike.
  14. I was going back and forth between the gold mini Birkin and the gorgy gold ostrich Dalvy on the LZ website. But, because the Dalvy only has one handle, you can't wear it open. If it had two handles, I would have been even more tempted. FRH, do you mind having to close the bag (like you would with a Kelly)?

    Holy moly, Bababebi!! Your Dalvy is gorgeous!
  15. I have been looking at (drooling over is more like it) that ostrich Dalvy on L-Z for the LONGEST time now.....

    I actually don't mind having to close the bag, Sue -- when I'm using a "handbag" -- read, dressier occasions -- I like to have the bag closed. I probably wouldn't use the Dalvy in situations where I would otherwise use my Birkin. I've been bringing my Kelly to work lately - and have found that closing her up to carry really isn't that big a deal.

    I am in decision mode ...... oh, dear......:shrugs: