Dalmation Sac Rabat..Buy or Pass?


Should I buy the LV Dalmation Sac Rabat?

  1. YES!

  2. NO!

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  1. I keep coming back to this bag, but then I never but it...I once again have a chance to buy should I buy the Dalmation Sac Rabat or pass?
  2. You already know I LOVE it!;) GET IT if you can!:yes:
  3. He he I was going to put a disclaimer that said....I already know that LV_addict and LVaddict are going to say buy it:lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. Not quite something I would choose.
    But if you are in love with it then go for it!
  5. If you keep going back to it get it, the question is if it disappeared now would you kick yourself for not jumping in?
  6. Definatly get it! I love the shap of it as well as everything about it!!!
  7. I think it's absolutely beautiful. If you like it that much, go for it!
  8. If you love it GET IT!
  9. There was a real one up for 1500 are you still looking at the other?
    I love mine, I will send you pics when I have hubby home to take em. I still have it out after looking for the date code. I would have to say it is one of my most complimented bags. Let us know what you decide.:love:
  10. Where is the one for $1500, I'm willing to take a look to save money!!!
  11. If you love it and can afford to get it, then you should. But only if you think you would use it...I am a user, not a collector :love: ;)
  12. I used to really dislike this bag, but then I saw it on someone and LOVED it. Your opinion definetly changes on this bag when you see on it a person, it looks gorgeous and SO unique! I say GET IT!!!:yes:
  13. i've seen this bag IRL- it is stunning and a real eye-catcher. i've always loved it but have not been brave enough to buy it!

  14. I saw that listing as well, thanks for the tip:heart: . The bag I'm looking into is also on ebay however the seller has yet to respond with more pictures. The seller is not a MPRS and thus do to the fact it has taken over a day to take pictures of the bag (I requested pics of the bottom, datecode and inside flap hardware to confirm 6 point screws) I think I'll pass in fear somthing may be fishy.

    The only reason I did not bid on this auction was I didn't like the fact that there were scuffs on the hardware...So I called LV and I was told it would be about $50 to replace the 2 scuffed corners. NOt to bad, I can deal....So- I PLACED A BID!!!!:yahoo: :whistle: the auction ends in 1 day and 20 hours! I really really really hope I win!