Dalmation, Metallics, Vibrato, & Other(s)...Pics Only!

  1. Please post any photos of Hermes merchandise as indicated by the title.

    This thread will be used for those articles that do not fall into the "color family" threads, but need to be showcased.

    Please remember this is a picture thread only...NO CHATTER!

    Thank you kindly.
  2. Birkin - METALLIC GOLD
    metallic gold.jpg
  3. JPG Kelly Clutch - METALLIC BRONZE

    (I was told Chevre, but I don't think it is)
    bronze - chevre.jpg
  4. Vibrato Chocolate Boxcalf Birkin 35

    Credits: eBay/lucyndskywdmnds
  5. Vibrato Plume 28 Brown Gulliver leather

    Credits: LZ
  6. Brick Boxcalf Vibrato Birkin 35cm


    Close-up of Vibrato
  7. White Swift/Olive Toile Birkin

    Photo Credit: mightykismet
    White Swift Olive Toile.jpg White Swift Olive Toile side view.jpg White Swift Olive Toile back view.jpg White Swift Olive Toile bottom view.jpg
  8. Canoe vibrato bags: brown box handles/base and orange box handles/base

    I had H boutique make the pouch for me out of a scarf....
    canoe vibrato.JPG canoe pouch.JPG
  9. 2002 --30cm Black/ Grey Dalmation birkin PH
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  10. Blue Vibrato Picotin
    (courtesy of seller pprkirk)
    blue vibrato picotin.jpg blue vibrato picotin 1.jpg
  11. Blue/green/purple vibrato Herbag
    (photo courtesy of seller gingersnapcracklepop)



    blue vibrato 1.jpg blue vibrato 2.jpg blue vibrato 3.jpg
  12. 35cm Etoupe Swift/Toile with Palladium Hardware Birkin

    Photo Credit: Luxwear (eBay)

  13. dalmation gizmo.jpg
  14. Rouge vif vibrato Birkin, size 35 with PH hardware:
    Picture0026.jpg Picture0027.jpg
  15. 30cm Birkin in Parchemin Veau Togo w/ GH