Dalmation leather...

  1. Has this been discontinued? In other words, not even available by SO? Does anyone know for sure? TIA! I do remember seeing a red/black Kelly version at my local boutique a while back. But it wasn't eons ago so now I'm a bit perplexed...
  2. oh! Good Question....perhaps HG will know?
  3. our resident tPFer Orchids should know this, she has one....or HG may know too....i would like to know myself!
  4. I haven't actually seen it for YEARS!! But that desn't mean it's not available to SO.....
  5. Hang on....I'll call SA.....
  6. on the phone with him right now......says he doesn't know, will have to check with Paris.....and interesting, he never saw me as a dalmation lover - lol - I just said I'm asking for a friend....sorry, typing one-handed and chatting to him at the same time!!

    ok, he' calling me back tomorrow, he's going to find out......

    Has my SO arrived yet...no...
  7. Can anyone post a pic of Dalmation leather?

    I want to know what it looks like.... :confused1:
  8. I've got some. Hang on. Got to plug in my external HD with pics...I'll be right back
  9. here you go: (I love dalmation/stingray)
    stingray.jpeg IMG_6375.jpeg dalmora.jpeg image-559.jpeg l30dalbd1.jpeg
  10. also...
  11. also Orchids posted her pics somewhere, but I can't remember where and when.

    Thanks GF, I'd really love to know if it's available by SO
  12. Pretty pretty =)
  13. [​IMG]


    I want to know is SO available too... :nuts:
  14. I have searched the ref threads and I can't find out how they, um... "dalmation" it?:push: Is it a stamped leather and then some kind of over-dye process? I'm struggling to work it out.

    Thanks for posting the pic Trama.
  15. It's buffalo colored using a two dye process. It is not available for the moment. If you see it in the store, it's probably an older bag. Doesn't mean they won't resurrect it though. I like buffalo as a hide.