Dalmatian birkin--yay or nay?


Little Miss Birkin
Apr 29, 2007
I'm contemplating on getting a black & white dalmatian birkin. I know it's quite rare, and it looks really unique. However, I'm also aware that dalmatian bags are not for everybody.

I'd appreciate your two-cents on this. What do you think... should I get get one?

Anybody knows about its maintenance--is it a difficult leather to maintain, easy to scratch/scuffed, repairable at the H spa?

Dalmatian bag owners: do you find it easy to match your bag with your clothes?

Vain question :shame:: when you carry your dalmatian bag, do you get compliments, or "what the :confused1: looks" ?

Help me, I'm having sleepless nights!:sweatdrop:



Aug 23, 2006
I am a collector at heart and I love the unique-ness of the dalmation. i think you should have no problems carrying off such an eyecatching bag.

I would worry about whether the craftsman is able to restore the 'dalmation" effect to the areas which are worn out..same worry as I would have with the troika......Perhaps you should check with your craftsman first


Hermes Lover
Nov 14, 2006
I think Dalmatian Birkin must be very cute. I've never seen it IRL before just only in Japanese magazine. I think Dalmatian may get dirty easily.:confused1:


Light Years Away
Jan 4, 2006
I saw a woman carrying a dalmation Birkin in Vegas a few months ago - it was absolutely stunning! I would love one of these pieces :heart:
Jun 13, 2006
It would not be for me....But I have never seen one in real life so could change my mind ...any pics...?


Aug 23, 2006
Pic from Loire-kobe

I love it but like i said, not sure about the maintenance or repair for such unique skins



B-& until the sales!
Dec 9, 2007
Dublin, Ireland
I say definitely go for it. You have a good collection already so this would not need to be your "one Birkin" and I think they are beautiful and from your pics, you could totally rock one. Good luck!


Little Miss Birkin
Apr 29, 2007
suzie, the one I'm contemplating on is exactly like the one posted by archangel -- the black and white.

sakara54: love the white-based one, that's soooo cute. Do you think the black-based one would also be prone to dirt?

archangel: thanks for the yay and the perfect pic! I know what you mean... it's likely to be on a collector's list. But you're right... in the case of it needing to be restored, not so sure if it'd be easy.... I should check with the craftman.

livethelake: the one I'm considering is a size 30cm. I know! I'd die for a 35cm! hahahaha

Ranag: coming from you, that says a lot! So a yay from you then?:graucho:

anez: thanks for the support. I hope so too... I thought it'd be a nice addition to my collection.

castorny: it's really that ugly?? uh oh....

birkin girl: melliesmom10 has a good IRL pic of a 30cm dalmatian birkin in black & white. Hers look amazing, I think :yes:


Mar 21, 2008
A big nay from me. The bag is beautiful (I have never seen an ugly Birkin!) but it is just too much. A "simple" color or color combination just does the design more justice.

In my opinion it gives no added value to the gorgeous bags you already own (the exotics, the sunny jaune and ah!!! the silver Birkin).

However if I imagine you walking around in your wool H-coat and the Dalmation Birkin, it would be stylish as ever.