Dallas tx tpf get-together fri 9/12 6:30pm

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Mar 4, 2007
:yahoo:Making final plans for Dallas TPF get-together! :yahoo:

  • Friday, 9/12/08 @ 6:30PM at North Park Mall - although feel free to come earlier & shop till you drop

  • Park in front of Nordstrom's facing Park Ln so you can get out easily after dinner after mall closes

  • Meet at Barney's 1st Floor Designer Handbag & Accessories area. Jason, their Concierge & the lovely SA's are throwng TPF'ers a special soiree with champagne, wine & hor d'oevres

  • We are then moving onto to drinks & dinner & bag chat at Bistro N at Nordstrom's & have reservations at 7:30PM

  • One or two SA's from Barney's & NM will be joining us

  • This is not a shopping trip - it's an opportunity for us like-minded bag ladies & fashionistas from various TPF groups to have an evening of fun & get to know each other - all brands - all ages - no bashing

  • Gina, our resident Bal & eBay expert, will be our special guest as she will be visiting Dallas that week on business

  • Maybe this will turn into a twice a year or quarterly event particularly for those who can't make this one

  • So bring a friend, wear your favorite bag & scarf and come meet us IRL

  • If you are not already in the private Yahoo Group I set up for this event, please PM me so I can get your email address and invite you

  • Spread the word if you see any posts from anyone in Dallas area although everyone's welcome where ever you are from!


May 22, 2008
oh shoot, I wanna come! Can't make it though. Tell Adrienne I said hi! Have loads of fun!
Eat, drink and be merry! :yes:

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