Dallas, TX Meet - August 8th - NorthPark

  1. Let's shop! Anyone interested in meeting at the NorthPark Center on August 8th? I will be there shopping w/ my DD so do we want to have an impromptu meet?

    Perhaps we can meet at the International Food Plaza.... say hellos, take a couple of bag photographs ;) and then shop til we drop....

    What do you all think?
  2. oh crap i wish i could go mabe next time . i have been wanting to go to dallas and also visit a store called glamour dog
  3. Yes I do realize this is when the tPF Vegas meet is...but, alas, I cannot go :cry: and I will be shopping that weekend :p
  4. im not sure i'll be here in town that weekend but if i am, i am so there. would love to go to a Dallas meet!!
  5. i dont have the money at this time to fly to dallas or vegas and for hotel mabe next time
  6. Wow, I just saw this. I was at NorthPark the Saturday before I would have switched it to this Saturday. BTW! When you go to the food court, try Snappy Salads. The salads are awesome.
  7. wow, i completely forgot about this, sorry (damn pregnancy brain, makes me forget *everything*). hope there is another meet soon.