Dallas store--Input on that store?

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  1. Anyone from Texas? Whats the Dallas store like? SA's? Moving there in afew months from NYC..............
  2. nice store, although i have no close working relationship with any SA.

    if you ever road trip it to houston, i'd ask for kari. she's extremely knowledgeable and very sweet.
  3. I have to agree. I was in the Dallas store last weekend. Big zero...in my opinion. The SA I talked with, asked her a question...didn't know the name of a bag...in fact gave me an incorrect answer. My sister purchased a tie for her husband. She handed her a box...no bag. Hello? It's raining outside! Can you please put this in a bag? I totally agree though, the Houston store is really nice. And Kari is a total doll. Always nice, willing to take time. And ALWAYS, if she doesn't know an answer, is willing say so, and then to let you know what the answer is.
  4. I was in the Dallas store Saturday 15 minutes before they were closing. The SA was nice and showed me the only Lindy bag they had there. It was 30 cm black togo with PH. I think it was 4800 or 4900.
  5. Ditto on the Houston store - I just ordered a scarf from Senna this morning - very sweet and helpful.
  6. Craig in Dallas is awesome. Ask for him.