Dallas Shoppers - Great deals discovered tonight!

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  1. Anyone around Dallas looking for a Large Ergo Hobo (or some other styles - the ergo tote and a couple more) should check out Dillards at Collin Creek Mall in Plano.
    I was just there tonight and the bags were already 25% off and are now an additional 30% off of that - so the Large Ergo Hobo are going for $193. I think they had three or four of the burnished camel solid leather and a signature with khaki trim.

    First time to post - so hope this helps some fellow Coach Lover - and I hope it's in the right place.
  2. Thanks for the tip. I'm not in Dallas, but I'm going to check out my local Dillards to see if they have a similar deal.
  3. welcome and thanks for the info. I forgot that Dillards was offering the additional 30% off.
  4. OMG~


    Totally have to goto Collin Creek mall today!

    Thanks for the lOVELY headsup!