Dallas meeting January 26th

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  1. This is a Saturday-- the tPF girls are meeting at NorthPark, and the Hermes in Highland Park Village is only about 4 miles away. I'm planning on making the 6 hour drive. Would love to see any Texas H-lovers there. Takers, anyone?
  2. I Want To Go!!!!!!! ......Maybe I Will Come & Stay....S ~ We Should Stay Over:yahoo:
  3. who is all going?

    why does it have to be this weekend!
  4. oh its Jan 26th. haha.
  5. Kara, we could have a SLEEPOVER! :yahoo:

    Guccigal, if you go to the General Discussion, then to tPF meetings, it should be at the top of the list and talks about who all is going.
  6. We Would Have So Much Fun!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  7. Something to consider:yes::heart:
  8. ^^ *begs*
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.