Dallas Meet ?

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  1. ive always wanted to go to one of these so if anyone would like to organize one in Dallas, Texas (or anywhere around here) id love to go :biggrin: !
  2. Me too..I'm in the Dallas area!
  3. bumpp

    i really want this !
  4. Hope we can round up a big group to meet.....girls don't be shy!!
  5. I am in the Tulsa area but I would be able to come down there for a meet, my fiances family lives in the area!
  6. I live between Dallas and Houston... I would be happy to join.
  7. Awesome!! Let's round up a few more girls and then we can set a date!
  8. A friday or saturday would be best for me and I would need at least a weeks notice :smile:
  9. i live in Dallas too! that would be so much fun
  10. I thought about this but Dallas is 5 hours from me so I think we're setting up something in Northwest Arkansas-- KC and Tulsa TPF'ers could make that one without too nasty of a drive... but I may have to do Dallas too... keep me updated on when you schedule this!
  11. well there is 6 that would do it from people that have replied on here. if someone would like to set it up that would be great because im not really the setting up type haha

    im excited ! :smile:
  12. Hey I'm all for it!!! Surely there's more North Texas-ites than just us tho right? hehe

    Also......I think it would be best to try to shoot for a meet after the craziness of the holidays. :smile:
  13. That sounds like fun! I can't guarantee how long we'll be in TX (there's a bit of a question now for a few reasons) BUT I should be here through January even if we do leave.
  14. okay All Us Dallas-area Folk...

    I'm Willing To Organize A Meet But It Will Have To Be Around January 26th Of January. How Does That Sound?
  15. ^ Sounds good to me!