Dallas H Boutique

  1. My family and I are visiting Dallas for a little s&r(shopping and relaxation). I've never visited the H shop there. I have plans to go.....I know I should not buy anything, but......Please chime in if you have any experience with this boutique. What can I expect? I'll probably look for a scarf for my Picotin.
  2. I was just in there last week and they had a fairly good selection of scarves.....not sure about the sizes though. As for bags I saw a couple of Kelly pouchettes, bolide, bombay and a huge travel birkin. They also had a good selection of the enamel bangles. Enjoy your visit!
  3. I have never been able to find much in the Dallas store. Good luck.
  4. We had a nice trip to Dallas. The boutique had a couple of Lindies, a beautiful 25cm Parchemin ostrich Birkin, some Picotins, and a couple of Kellies. I have never seen a Kelly with two pockets in the front and a back pocket. The SA stated that sometimes they will receive a request for one like that because it is easy to get in and out of when need be..... Laid out on a table were accessories and other quick gifts. They had quite a few scarves in stock. I purchased a scarf for my Picotin. There were many bracelets as well. The floor plan of the store was appealing, and the staff was friendly and eager to assist. I'd go back next Christmas.
  5. I'm going there at the end of this month.... :girlsigh: excited!!
  6. Where is it? Is it near the Galleria Mall? I don't really know Dallas but I will be driving through it on my way back home in a few days...would like to visit the H boutique just to see what it's all about! :smile:
  7. It's at Highland Park. You can google it for directions :tup:
  8. It gives directions to go on the Dallas North tollway...is that the best way to go (coming from Austin on I-35E)? Does the traffic get bad at rush hour?

    Also, what are the hours? (I tried googling that and looking at the Hermes website, but no luck).
  9. BTW, fiatflx, you must travel through a neighborhood to get to HPV shopping center. Beware of the construction mess. We used my husband's GPS to get around the mess. The main street that the shopping center is facing is closed at certain points. An alternative routine is strongly suggested. But you will have fun when you arrive there. It's a beautiful and cozy place. There are so many upscale stores with nice merchadise. Tell us about your visit, please. I would return there for shopping.....
  10. ^^yikes...thank you...that's the kind of info I need. :smile: I guess perhaps I should bite the bullet and buy a GPS for my Treo phone!! ;)
  11. The Kelly with the pockets... was it the Kelly Lakis?
  12. KG, I think that was the name of it.....It was different.
  13. I think the best way is to enter from Mockingbird...
  14. I haven't heard much about this store. Are the SA's friendly? I've been told that the SA's in other Highland Park Village boutiques tend to be snooty. However, a friend had a good experience in the Polo boutique.
  15. I was just in today and purchased a new plisse and a belt with silver H (black box). My SA is Crystal and she is very nice and helpful. She's the only one I have dealt with so not sure about the others. It was moderately busy.