Dallas Girls! Could it be????

  1. I was looking at Norhtpark Neiman Marcus events and they are having a chanel trunk show on September 14th-22nd!!!! Does this mean that Northpark is finally getting a chanel boutique???

    Now my SA told me that there were whispers about it because they were clearing out the 3rd floor hoping that they would get it which is why precious stones in now on the 2nd floor but wowzers!!! ladies we must meet or something lol
  2. OMG I would die! My favorite mall!
  3. aw rats i'll just miss the show! i'll be in dallas from sept 7-12...do you know if the boutique will be open before the show?
  4. hmm now I am wondering whether its gonna be for shoes???? Man I am confused!
  5. that would be disapointing! I have always wondered why there isn't a Chanel in that mall, it is perfect for it! keep us informed!
  6. I know the issue before was that downtown NM sell it and plano also not far away is the chanel boutique on mockingbird... I sure have my hopes up though... because you can't have too much chanel IMO lol
  7. OMG!!! That would be soooooooooo great if NorthPark had a Chanel boutique :yahoo:, but I kinda doubt it though :sad:..considering we have 3 in the area...hehe...but one more wouldn't hurt right?
  8. no, I'm almost positive it's just for shoes. They're very picky about over saturation and the boutique is pretty close by.