Dallas Galleria SA Recommendation !

  1. im making my first LV purchase in about 12 hours ! and i was wondering if anyone from the dallas area could recommend a great SA. i want this to be my long term SA as i see lots of LV buying in the future. I just hate when i go into boutiques and get ignored and/or discriminated against becuase of my age. I really would like to avoid this for LV ecspecially.

    TIA ! :rolleyes:
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    i need help :push:
  3. i worked with a cute lady...i believe her name was diane! She was super sweet...i didnt buy a HUGE amount (just accessories, maybe 800ish?) but she was patient and showed me every single thing and shared cute stories about the pieces...like told me why the neverfull was called that

    and about my noe!!

    Most of the girls and boys there were super sweet!! It was cute i was using my noe with LVoe scarf and one of the SAs came up to me and was like OMG that is so cute and made me come with her to the manager and said LOOK at this can we model a bag like this? haha it was cute, thye had never seen it like that and were so excited :smile:

    so all in all they are all super sweet :smile:
  4. omg ! i called LV earlier today and asked them if they had my inclusion in stock and i talked to diane !

    i was going to use her if noone recommended anyone else so now i definitely know im going to :smile:

    thanks for responding.

    im so excited this will be my first ever visit to an LV store and my first purchase and im just too giddy :yahoo:
  5. hehe wohooo! congrats!!! im glad i could help :smile:!!!

    so i need to know...what are u getting!!! inclusion what!! braclets??? may i suggest the mini speedy, i thought it was just cute but OMG i use it constantlY!! like its getting more play than all my other bags COMBINED!!! i know ur still in school (right) and its PERFECT for school

    man i lovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee it! hehe :smile:

  6. and btw...im insanely jealous, i LOVE that mall and want to go back NOW hehe
  7. haha im getting the transparent bracelet !!

    i love the galleria and northpark as well i only live about 25 min max from both and its like heavan !

    and yes im in high school i turned 16 in march :biggrin:
  8. I use Diane for everything. She is wonderful!!!! She e-mails me pictures and stuff. I love her. She is super nice and will help you with anything. She knew I wanted a Houston in the Amarnate. That store did not receive any so she had it overnighted for me. I would totally recommend her.
  9. Any pics of your new loot from Dallas yet? I cannot wait to see it!
  10. When I shopped their my SA was a young man. I think that his name was Cory. He was very nice, helpful and very patient. I spent an hour picking out a bag, and I knew that it would be my only one so I wanted to make sure that I was happy.
  11. i ended up using michelle she was super nice and took me srsly and didnt look at me like i was crazy for being so young and knowing so much about lv.

    i cant wait to get my inclusion it shouldbe here wednesday or thursday :biggrin: