Dallas-Ft.Worth area members check in!!! Tornado{?}

  1. A few touched down not too far from me just a bit ago . . . we're fine.
    hot from cramming into an interior cloest under the stairs, but fine!

    Praying that the big ass hail slamming against my new SUV didn't do any damage as we raced home!:wtf:

    How are y'all!?
  2. :cry:We are fine here as well. Got hail and lots of rain. Tornados were south of us. Heard the sirens, got ready, but thank goodness didn't have to use the closet!
  3. Good heavens...be safe ladies. SCARY. Keep us posted. XX
  4. HOLY CRAP was that scary! The really bad stuff in Ft Worth and Haltom City is only like 5 mins from us. Heard the sirens, We had tennis ball size hail and had to get in the closet under the stairs. We got really lucky in that we only had one window breaks and it was only the outside payne, so that's good. Those billboards that fell and the grocery store are about 10 mins from us towards Ft Worth. Fortunately, we're in an all brick house that is pretty low and surrounded by other houses in the neighborhood, so we came out pretty well. I was pissed about the broken window, then when the sattelite came back on and we saw how bad everything else was I was counting myself lucky! After we saw the damage off of 820 in the industrial park with the 18 wheelers and those PODS all thrown around like toys! yikes! We're in Hurst.
  5. We are fine also. The sirens scared the crap out of me as well as the hail. My SUV was sitting in the driveway but luckily I only saw 2 little/minimal dings from the hail. I was supposed to go to San Marcos tomorrow to go to the Coach outlet but I have decided to postpone the trip. I finally stopped watching the news and what we went through was nothing compared to others.
  6. Very scary evening! The news said they count 5 'touch downs' this evening.

    The entire are is very lucky there was so little damage and injuries {no deaths}.
  7. ^^^ Thank God!!!!
  8. Thank goodness there were no deaths.

    Glad to hear you are all safe! :smile:

    On a lighter note... we finally got sunshine over here!
  9. I'm glad that everyone is safe!
  10. Some lady at the grocery store told me about the tornadoes when I complained about the fruit prices. I told her I was used to the cheap fruit prices in Texas where I'm from, and then she told me all about the disaster. My mom doesn't pick up, and she lives close to Fort Hood, because she is taking care of my brother's kids because he is in Iraq. It is just scary.
  11. OMG.. I had no idea I am glad to hear everyone's okay!! Is the bad weather going to continue?
  12. Oh no! I'm glad your alright! I heard the bad weather is heading towards Baton Rouge, LA at around 6 in the morning! I hope it's not too bad over here!

    Hope everyones ok!!!
  13. I god, I hope she's ok.. sometimes when things like that happen the phone lines are down... when Hurricane Katrina hit over here I couldn't even use my CELLPHONE!!!!
  14. OMG Swanky, that's really horrifying!! We heard about the really bad weather in USA right now.. How was everyone doing right now?
  15. I took my dog for a walk this morning and it is pretty cold outside, but all of the bad weather has passed.