Dallas Austin - Christina & Joss F*ck For Tracks

  1. I don't beleive this at all. Both Christina and Joss have out of this world voices so who gives a hoot what this guy is saying.
  2. How horrible!!
  3. It doesn't sound far-fetched to me. He's very detailed with his story. He's not lying. Yes, both Christina and Joss have amazing talent and voices but so do many others we have yet to hear....the competition is fierce in the entertainment industry. Some people are just 'nasty' and Christina just looks as if she would do such a thing. Love her voice but she does lack class--that's very obvious.

    Dallas is telling the truth. I also always wondered why she married that Jordan Bratman guy. They don't look alike at all. Now this explains a lot....interesting to see what happens next....
  4. wow, that's crazy but i don't believe it.
  5. :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: wow!
  6. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. j/j Xstina did record "dirty". Joss Stone doesn't even wear shoes. What's to stop her from getting on her knees? So what if its true? Big deal.
  7. I think it can be the other way around.... producers wanting sex in exchange of laying down tracks.
  8. I agree :yes:
  9. Ohh lawdyyy :rolleyes:
  10. All I have to say is that nothing these people do would surprise me...so it's not as if this is shocking.... In the end who really cares??

    I still think the guy is telling the truth because he is so detailed. At least there is SOME truth to his story...
  11. Justin Timberlake admitted to having oral sed with Britney so a radio station would spin "Like I Love You" 30 extra times that week.

    His reasons for doing that were actually twofold: Yes, he wanted to promote his new album but he had just broken up with Britney and was really bitter about it.

    If a guy like Justin Timberlake can do that, then nothing really shocks me anymore.
  12. I heard there were a lot of producers that want to have sex with these singers for tracks/beats. I think I remember Christina talking about a producer she hated working with because he kept hitting on her for sex (this was about a year ago). She didn't mention any names, but i bet it was Dallas!!!!!
  13. I'm a fan of both Christina and Joss ( they can both blow!) but I think I believe this one too. It was waayy to detailed. He even mentions Orlando Jones and Guy Oseary in the video. Why mention famous guys? Why not just make up some people we don't know? People that no one can ask if this is true? SO they( christina and joss) sleep ( or slept) around. I have to say I'm not shocked.
  14. Well they dated for how long- why would that even matter!? :shrugs:

    Anything for a little umph