Dakota Johnson

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  1. Wearing Saint Laurent at the Oscars. I loved this.
    Dakota.jpg Dakota2.jpg Dakota3.jpg Dakota4.jpg Dakota6.jpg Dakota5.jpg Dakota7.jpg Dakota8.jpg Dakota9.jpg Dakota10.jpg
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  2. She looked great but that interview with her and Melanie was 50 Shades of Awkward.
  3. Melanie doesn't look too bad there....I mean, you know. But not too bad. I see her dad in Dakota, too.
  4. Absolutely. When she had blonde hair in the sitcom "Ben & Kate" she looked just like him.
  5. 50.jpg 51.jpg 53.jpg 54.jpg 55.jpg 56.jpg 57.jpg 58.jpg 59.jpg
  6. She looks pretty amazing in that red dress! Her Mom though.....ugh. And that interview.....
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  7. I heard her boyfriend broke up with her because of her fame from the movie.
    Love the Chanel! I hadn't see those pics. Thanks!
  8. Ugh, I find her so plain, and she sounded like a real brat in that interview.

    The first sentence in her Vogue interview was about how "cool" London was because nobody recognizes her. I felt like reaching through the page and saying "Honey, I wouldn't know who you were if you had a Hell My Name Is tag on."
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  9. I love her and I want her bangs.
  10. I hate when actors/actresses complain about the recognition they get on the street. if you don't want people to know who you are than become and accountant.
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  11. She is beautiful...
  12. She looked great in that red dress but sounded like a brat in that interview and several other ones as well, especially when she dissed Charlie Hunnam for backing out the lead male role in fifty shades because it's going to be a big film... I, for one was glad that he didn't take on the role of a creepy stalking and abusive dude that romanticized abusive behavior.

  13. I don't know much about her but I'm growing to love her too. My hairstyle is similar to hers.
  14. I love her !
    the movie is great and she was really good in it.
    love her red carpet Dress at the oscars, she was looking simply beautiful.

    I laughed at the interview with her mom because it was so real. a typicall talk between mother and daughter ^^ I totally understand that she was a bit mad about the reaction of her mom to see that movie, because its a good movie, she was great in it and it's totally made high class so nothing to shame about.

    I was really sceptical before seeing the movie, just what I heard about the Story. but it was really good, the Story is good and the actors were great.
    I'm totally curious about the second movie.