Dakota Fanning Refuses To Shave Her Head

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  1. [​IMG]

    Dakota Fanning has dropped out of the film she was to star in with her kid sister, Elle, My Sister’s Keeper. In the film, Dakota and Elle were to play on-screen sisters in the story about a young girl who sues for emancipation from her parents after she learns she was only conceived as a genetic match for her sister who is dying of some illness.
    The role would have required Dakota to shave her head, which she reportedly refused to do, and she took her sister with her.

    Dakota will be replaced by Abigail Breslin, and Elle will be replaced by Sofia Vassilieva.

    Seriously? They couldn’t have just gotten her a bald cap?
  2. I've been meaning to read that book...it sounds interesting.

    Awe, Sofia played Eloise in Eloise At The Plaza and Eloise At Christmas Time! Everyone makes fun of me that I love those movies, haha
  3. It's nice to see a young actress stand up for what she believes in.
  4. Well looks like she finally turned 10 years old IMO. A pretty mature one at least. :p Isn't she like what, 14 or something?
  5. Oh well, she's talented but it will be so nice to see another young actress in a leading role. I mean, Dakota just isn't convincing when she plays EVERY role in every movie with a girl her age in it. Her poor sister though!

    I think it's a terrible move career-wise for her if it's true. If she's too diva to shave her head now and really make her career as a talented risk-taking actress, I can't imagine what she'll be like when she's been pampered for 15 years and her looks are all she has. Sorry, don't mean to sound harsh, but I would have shaved my head for 5 years straight for the chance to act in such a powerful movie.

    With the millions spent on hair and make-up in hollywood, why couldn't they just make her head look shaved?
  6. I guess some directors are all about making it look REAL, no bald cap or special effects would have been as great as the real thing. So Abigal Breslin is going to shave her head then......but, her hair is awesome.:sad: If Abigal gets an oscar nod for this role, Dakota will regret it.:angel:
  7. Oh wow..they seriously expected a young teen girl to SHAVE her head? I think it's obvious they WON'T. Dakota did exactly what I would do.
  8. ITA- if they really wanted to they could've even filmed her as she is and just edited out her hair!
  9. There is a reason Sigourney Weaver and Demi Moore were so successful.

    However, she is just a little kid and can't be expected to take such measures for her art.
  10. ITA. I wouldn't even shave my head now. I can't imagine being bald as a teenager.
  11. I can see why she dropped out at that age you don't want a shaved head!!! O well we will see her in other movies for sure
  12. She is an actress. Changing her appearance as directed should be in the job description.
  13. I heard about this on the radio. Also Cameron Diaz will play the mother.
  14. I agree, I would shave my head for a leading part!!
  15. I think shaving your head is a very personal decision any girl could make. I personally wouldnt either, but then again im not an actress.