Dakota Fanning is featured in January's Vanity Fair, shot by Karl Lagerfeld

Is it true that she's the new face of Marc Jacobs? Perez Hilton has it on his website that she is.

This photo shoot is very age approriate for her & she looks darling in the sleeping beauty photo.

Yes this is true !

The year will kick off with a new advertising campaign for Marc Jacobs featuring Dakota Fanning. The ads, which will break in February issues of W and Vogue, were shot by Juergen Teller on location in Los Angeles in mid-November.

"Marc loves her as a character and thinks she is beautiful and a great actress," said Robert Duffy, president. "He loved the idea of having this young, small girl in the clothes, and we made them in her size to shoot her in."
I like Dakota, she's cute and very talented as well.

It'll be interesting to see her grow up in the industry, being a child star. Just please please please let her go the Olsen twins/Kirsten Dunst route instead of the Lindsay Lohan route *prays*
She is an amazing actress for her age. I nearly balled my eyes out in " I am Sam". Such a natural actress im sure she will blossom to an incredible woman and her parents seem to keep her well minded and not spoilt.
What a cutie-pie! I find her to be an overall beautiful chid. Smart. Talented. Down to earth. And she carries herself better than most adults in an interview.

Good for her for branching out in her career! I'd much rather see HER doing print than LiLo or any other of those over-exposed, under-talented party hags.

I'm sure Dakota can handle this. And guess what? Next week, we won't be seeing her drunk, panty-less or her mugshot photo in the gossip rags!