Daisy perfume

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  1. I dont know if I am putting this thread in the right place. I didnt know if this was stricty for bags. My patient came in the other day and she was wearing daisy by MJ. It smelled so good and I want some. I was wondering if the stores will have gift sets of it around christmas time. Or if Macy's will have a black friday sale on perfumes??? I was just curious?? Thanks in advance!!!!
  2. Sephora sells gift sets of Daisy and their Friends and Family (F&F) discount (20% off) should be starting soon. The beauty bar sub-forum has a thread on the F&F discount for Sephora.
  3. I love the Daisy perfume as well as his signature one. I might pick up a bottle or the dry perfume from Sephora.
  4. Dry perfume?? What is that?
  5. I LOVE MJ DAISY - stores like Macy's & Nordstroms have gift sets (parfum, lotion, scrub) or something like that - around $80+

    I'm sure they have it now because I'm starting to see Christmas Beauty items in MakeUp stores...

  6. there are awesome gift sets year round for this perfume. I bought my set last year and it came with the cutest Marc Jacobs daisy coin purse (i actually bought the perfume just for the coin purse LOL). I love the scent as well and use it daily.
  7. I have this necklace with solid perfume in it. I just bought it because I like the necklace but sometimes I open it and take a sniff cause it smells so good!

  8. Haha I meant solid perfume!