Daisy Marc Jacobs pour Sephora Luxe Vanity Case

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  1. Sephora has come out with a few Daisy Marc Jacobs products including this makeup case:
    (also has soap, jewelery box, makeup brushes).

    Has anyone seen this in person? I was wondering about the size, quality, compartments inside.

    Also, if I order it, can I return in store? I went to Sephora today but only saw the jewelery box.
  2. so cute!
  3. Based on the price, I'm guessing it's not that big. That's totally just a guess though...
  4. Love it! I'm pretty sure you could return it in store.. I believe I've read that in another thread.
  5. That is cute! I wonder what the quality is like myself. I agree with missmustard that I think you can return it to a store near you.
  6. i seriously want everything daisy they have!! sephora's return policy is really good so i'm pretty sure you can return it in the store.
  7. I think I'm going to order it tonight! thanks enablers! hehe
  8. That is 2 cute....I love the perfume...... I have a gift card, now it is starting to burn a hole in my pocket. I wish it stated the dimensions.:hrmm:
  9. The vanity is Too cute.
  10. Too cute. & I love the scent...I only which they sold the mini by itself...So we can carry it in a clutch

  11. I worked for Sephora for 6 months, so, the answer to your question is yes, you can return it in store. If you loose the reciept then they will give you store credit, and, they have no return policy. So, if you get it, use it and decide it really wasn't worth it, they will take it back.
  12. I just ordered it last night! So when I get it I'll post pictures so you can all see the inside! (silly sephora should've taken pictures!)
  13. Wow - totally cute!
  14. After a whole WEEK sephora finally started shipping it out... expect to get it on friday... then will take/show pics!!
  15. hi!

    i'm usually over in the coach section...but i came across this thread when i was doing a search for this vanity case...i've been contemplating getting this case also...i was just wondering if u got urs yet? i'd really appreciate it if you could post some pictures...i want to get an idea of the size...

    how do u like urs?

    anything u could tell me would be great...thanks so much!