Daisy Dukes Daisy Chain

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    Jessica Simpson is to open her own chain of barbeque restaurants called 'Daisy Duke's'.
    The 'Dukes of Hazzard' star will provide backing for the restaurants - which will feature scantily-clad waitresses in tiny hot pants - named after her most famous screen character from the film remake of the hit TV show.
    The business plan was thought up by Jessica's father and manager, Joe Simpson, 48.
    A source told America's Life and Style Weekly magazine: "Joe's going to make a lot of money from this.":rolleyes: (but of course he is )

    The flagship eatery will open in Las Vegas' Caesar's Palace next year, and Jessica will reportedly commit to make at least five appearances at the venue each year
    A spokesman for the 26-year-old star, whose divorce from Nick Lachey was finalised this year, has so far refused to confirm the restaurant plans
  2. is this for real?:roflmfao:
  3. Yeah, who else. :rolleyes:
  4. :rolleyes: It's been a hell of a week for the Simpson clan! They even got more headlines than Hohan and Paris!!! :wtf:
  5. This might last even longer than the Fashion Cafe! :rolleyes:
  6. can they even do that? wouldn't the "dukes of hazzard" own the daisy dukes name?
  7. her feet look really long in the shoes
  8. Yea, isn't that a copyright issue?
  9. Why not?

    If the food is decent and the women are hot...it will do well. Shoot, Hooters food is awful, but it is still going strong!

    I say make money Jessica while you still are popular and have your youth!
  10. Im sure it will be as popular as Britney's NYLA restaurant....lol.
  11. I heard on the radio this morning it was her dad opening up this chain, funny they announcer was like " can you pimp out your kids anymore Joe " hahah had to laugh!

  12. its a ripoff of hooters, but of course it will thrive. its in vegas!!

    and also, i would just like to add that i love her dress. i think its adorable!!